The Guide to Motorcycle Camera Accessories:

In 2019, 5014 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes, with reports suggesting that motorcyclists were 29x more likely to die in a crash than passengers of a car. This has not changed till now, with motorcyclists still considered far more at risk of fatal injury.

There are a few reasons which may contribute to why this might be the case. For one, motorcyclists are far less stable than four-wheel drive vehicles, and as a result can be knocked over far more easily. In addition, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to hazardous weather and road conditions, so can be susceptible to being pushed by the wind or skidding during icy seasons.

Not only this, but motorbikes are much less visible on the road than other drivers and pedestrians, and as a result tend to be blindsided and undercut more frequently. Finally, motorcyclists require a different combination of physical and mental skills compared to four-wheel drivers, which demands a higher degree of attention and multitasking in order to operate them that can be heavily taxing on motorcycle drivers.

In response to these issues, many motorcycle drivers have begun to take cautionary action as a means of improving their safety and have begun to adopt motorcycle dash cams. On-trend with their demand, Innov have numerous information pages that detail the many benefits of motorbike cameras / motorbike rear cameras, and how to use them. We noticed that a lot of attention has been given to the cameras themselves, but not a lot has been provided in terms of the accessories required in order to operate your motorbike cameras optimally.


Motorcycle Cameras:

Motorcycle cameras are very similar to the handheld devices your grandparents used to record your birthday parties on. However, these motorbike cameras have been specially designed to suit the purpose of recording during driving. They are much smaller than regular cameras and have much stronger memory cards and batteries – so that they can record continuously for long periods without losing any footage. Many of the cameras we have on offer record in full HD 1080p quality, with wide angled lenses, ensuring that important footage details are not missed.

Dashcams are heavily utilised to help drivers with documenting accidents and alleviating themselves from legal liability. Others use it for casual purposes, using the footage to document their adventures.

Essential Accessories:

Motorcycle cameras have a variety of accessories that support their function, to allow users such as yourselves to maximise your device’s performance and usability, the most essential of which have been included below:

Camera Mount / Mount for helmet

If you want to get the best footage, it is best to employ a variety of perspectives and mounting techniques, as they will allow you to create varied and interesting videos of your travels. Experimenting with mounting in both ‘point of view’ and backwards facing perspectives will help you to create excitement, or to get the proper scope to be used as evidence.

Remember to prioritize safety when mounting, and to ensure that you are not compromising your driver’s vision or the integrity of any of your equipment. At Innov, we have taken all of these things into consideration, and offer a camera mount that is more than fit for purpose.

External Microphone

On the road, it can be incredibly noisy – especially on a motorbike, where there is less sound insulation than in four-wheel-drive vehicles. It is therefore suggested, that in order to combat external noise pollution, you purchase an external microphone, as they are specialized in focusing on your desired frequencies. At Innov, we offer an external microphone that is ideal for eliminating wind noise, whilst allowing you to hone in on engine noise, in-helmet commentary and more.

Spare battery

Modern motorcycle dash cams have a battery life of one/two hours maximum. As a result, it is vital to have a means of maintaining their charge while you’re on the road. Nothing beats the flexibility of a portable battery pack that can charge your phone your camera and even jump-start your motorcycle. Here at Innov, we offer the Innov H5 spare battery in order to provide exactly that.


There is clearly a huge demand for motorcycle dash cams in 2022, for both safety and leisure purposes. Although they can be used on their own, you may run into problems with using your device if you do not have the appropriate supporting accessories. We have outlined that it is important to have a camera mount, external microphone, and spare battery, in order to explore your device’s full capabilities.

If you require any of the above accessories, then be sure to check out our website to see the accessories we provide or contact us directly if you would like to find out more.


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