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How To Connect Your Innovv Camera Power Supply to a HEX ezCAN

Connecting the DC-Converter Before you can connect your Innovv camera power supply to a HEX ezCAN, your Innovv DC converter will have three wires which need to be connected. A red wire, a black wire, and a yellow wire. The red and black wires are used to supply power to the DC-Converter by connecting them…


Innovv: Creating a Camera for Motorsport

The Innovv team always want to go bigger and dive into industries, sports, and fields we haven’t yet conquered. And we’d like to start by pushing further into the wrecking, wonderful world of motorsport! As you know, we currently supply dash cameras for the motorcycle world, and these motorbike dash cameras have to achieve certain…

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New K5 Dash Camera Launch

We’re always looking to create, innovate, and improve on our existing products to create the best motorcycle dashcam we possibly can. Our K5 is the most recent creation in 4k motorbike dash cameras. Features Of The K5 Camera Full 4k ultra HD recording 1080P full HD recording Dual band WiFi supported Smart remote control Fully…

H5 Helmet Camera

The Guide to Motorcycle Camera Accessories:

In 2019, 5014 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes, with reports suggesting that motorcyclists were 29x more likely to die in a crash than passengers of a car. This has not changed till now, with motorcyclists still considered far more at risk of fatal injury. There are a few reasons which may contribute to why this…


How To Fit and Mount Our Cameras Onto Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists at the moment are far more at risk of fatal injury if involved in a crash than drivers in closed vehicles. In 2019, 5014 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes and were 29x more likely to die in a crash than passengers of a car. There are a few reasons which may provide reasons as…

Get Caught in A Torrent of Rain Filmed with INNOVV Camera

*This great video is from Kim Moon (bmwmoonie), Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel.

Can you install INNOVV K3 DashCam on the Can-Am Ryker?

I installed the INNOVV K3 Dashcam system on the Can-Am Ryker 900. Was it an easy installation? *This great video is from Daz Busby, Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel.

GWRRA MI ChG Vermontville April 2022 With INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dashcam

*This great video is from Chris Christensen, Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel. Ride to Vermontville Mi for the Maple Syrup Festival 2022. Recorded with INNOVV K5.


Innovv K5 in Action

We know our cameras catch all sort of wild and unsafe things – it’s what they’re designed for after all. A dodgy merge on a dual carriage way, or a risky drive on the motorway can often happen before you realise and sometimes leave you with no time or space to react. When this happens,…


INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera First Trial

Hi I am Mikhei. Situated by the northeast shore of the Black Sea. I belong to the ‘Free Biker” community which is very well known in the Krasnodar Territory. I would like to share with you my experience as an early adopter of the new Innovv H5 Helmet Camera.  I ride a BMW R 1100…


How a Dashcam can save money on insurance

Motorcyclists constantly face an array of prejudices and dangers while out riding on the roads. Often perceived as reckless drivers, motorbike owners are anything but, and are in fact categorised as vulnerable road users. Riders must ensure that they’re constantly alert of their surroundings, in particular cars, to reduce the risk of an incident. Unfortunately,…

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Motorbike Safety Products Explained

Being safe on the road is important. This holds extra weight for motorcyclists as riding a smaller vehicle can make it difficult to see and be seen by other road users. In the UK, over 21,000 motorbike accidents occur every year and a lot of these incidents often result in serious injuries or death. Motorcyclists…

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Why a motorcycle dashcam is a great investment

Motorbike cameras are becoming a popular choice amongst riders and are a great way to record your rides and more importantly keep you safe. But not all cameras are created equal. While the use of mainstream cameras, such as GoPro’s, provide footage for action shots and highlighting adventure, these cameras lack the safety features as…


iAM RoadSmart partner with Innovv

At Innovv, we stand for two things: road safety and innovative design and manufacturing to help our customers conduct safe road use. We want every road user to have the knowledge, equipment, and practice to conduct safe road use. In light of our ethos, we are always looking for ways to partner with other like-minded…

innovv H5 Helmet Camera

INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera Offers the Longest Recording Time for Motorcycle Adventures

As previously discussed, Innovv understands that motorcyclists, whether commuting daily or on longer term travels, need a reliable dash camera for their motorcycle that has an extended recording time. For self-powered cameras, recording time depends largely on its battery capacity and the camera’s power consumption. The typical capacity (mAh) and runtime of GoPro 7 to…

teapot one k5 mount and camera

Fitting the INNOVV K5 Mount & Camera with TeapotOne

YouTuber and moto-vlogger Bruce Smart, more commonly known as TeapotOne, recently fitted the INNOVV K5 motorcycle camera mount to a BMW R1250GS ADV. TeapotOne is a motorcyclist who made the decision to live out his dream of riding his motorbike around the world after losing his mother in 2008. Since then, he’s shared his journeys…

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Behind the INNOVV H5 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

The INNOVV H5 Motorcycle Helmet Camera is here! We are now taking pre-orders for August delivery, here’s how we got to this stage… INNOVV introduced the first remote lens motorcycle dashcam in 2014. The C3 was the first of its kind and since then INNOVV have continued to design, develop, and market an evolving line…


Innovv UK are raising funds to support Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is something we did not anticipate in our lifetime and as such we are shocked and appalled. We have decided to do whatever we can to help the brave people of Ukraine in their time of need. We have teamed up with ALB Ukraine Central Donation Hub (Abbey-Fields, Colchester) to get…

Innovv Power Hub 3

The New Powerhub 3 is here!

Buy the Powerhub 3 here! Our new tech accessory has been designed with motorcyclists in mind. It has been expertly designed to add additional auxiliary power for devices such as GPS, heated grips, running lights, USB and more. The Innovv Powerhub 3 is designed for motorcycles and provides a switched power system that protects your…

highway code for motorcyclists road sign

New Highway Code and Changes to Road Rules for Motorcyclists

What is the Motorcycle Highway Code? The Highway Code is a set of rules that dictates the rules of using public roads. As of 29th January 2022, the regulations have changed and should be read and understood by all road users. Is the Highway Code law? The Highway Code is not a legal document, but…


Beautiful Installation Picture of INNOVV K5 from One of INNOVV Fans

It’s always a pleasure to see the beautiful pictures of INNOVV dashcam installed on the cool motorcycle. Below pictures are from one of INNOVV fans. Please enjoy!