New K5 Dash Camera Launch

We’re always looking to create, innovate, and improve on our existing products to create the best motorcycle dashcam we possibly can. Our K5 is the most recent creation in 4k motorbike dash cameras.

Features Of The K5 Camera

  • Full 4k ultra HD recording
  • 1080P full HD recording
  • Dual band WiFi supported
  • Smart remote control
  • Fully featured APP
  • 1P67 Waterproof
  • 5GHz GPS receiver
  • Loop recording
  • External microphone
  • Easy to fit and operate

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K5 DVR Close Up 01 1

Our K5 Dashcam – 4K Dual Camera System

Our K5 dash camera is far more than a simple ‘action camera’ and is built for those looking to remain safe, secure, and monitored while on the roads. RiderCamTV recently reviewed our new K5 and had lots to shout about. So, we thought we’d shout about it too.

To begin, the guys unboxed the K5 and made note of its unique, picture scene box. “It’s one above the K3 actually… they’ve got pictures on it, it’s actually quite nice to look at”.

The guys move on to the mounting capabilities of the K5. There’s some debate about how much room you have once it is fitted, but eventually settle, stating “I’ve mounted it properly and I’m happy where it’s mounted”.

“I’ve mounted it on the wing mirror stalk, which looks really good actually… I’ve been able to send the cable through really neatly.. It’s really easy to hide and I’ve hidden it under the ECU of the bike.”

“I’ve got a little button, the same as the K3, which shows you if it’s working on the GPS, the WiFi. And it gives you the ability to decide to save pictures or to protect files if something happens, which is really good.”

“The connections can’t go wrong… and the instructions are really, really good.

RiderCamTV also did a write up on their site with a full review of the K5’s best features. When discussing the out on the road testing, we couldn’t be happier with the review. “The quality of the recordings are incredible for a motorbike camera system.  Both cameras are stable and are provide very smooth footage which is rich in details.  As you will see on our video review, we haven’t colour corrected anything as we didn’t need to!”

“We can see that this camera system will feature in future videos and will enable us to vlog while on the go really easily!”

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If you think your motorbike safety game can be increased, we highly recommend a motorcycle dash cam. Aside from numerous safety benefits, and security in the event of a false claim or incident, the K5 also offers fantastic video quality for videos such as RiderCamTV.

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