How To Fit and Mount Our Cameras Onto Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists at the moment are far more at risk of fatal injury if involved in a crash than drivers in closed vehicles. In 2019, 5014 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes and were 29x more likely to die in a crash than passengers of a car.

There are a few reasons which may provide reasons as to why this may be the case. For one, motorcycles are far less stable than a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and as a result, can be knocked over much more easily. Secondly, motorbikes are less visible to other drivers and pedestrians, and as a result, can be blindsided and undercut much more frequently. Furthermore, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to hazardous weather and road conditions, so can be susceptible to being pushed by the wind, or skidding during icy seasons.

Finally, motorcyclists are required to use a different combination of physical and mental skills than those using four-wheel vehicles, which demands a higher degree of attention and multitasking that can be heavily taxing on the driver. As a result, many motorcycle drivers have begun to move with more caution and have started to adopt motorbike dash cams.

Here at Innov, we are fully aware of the crisis at hand and have begun to develop superior quality motorbike cameras. There are different types for different bikes and needs, so be sure to check our latest models to see which one best suite you and your needs: the K5 motorcycle camera is our newest product, with variations such as the C5 motorcycle camera, the K3 motorcycle dual camera, or the soon to be released H5 helmet camera.

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Innov Motorbike Camera Benefits

Designing motorbike cams is much more challenging than a dash cam for a car. It needs to be more durable, and able to deal with a tougher environment, with any weather, and under extreme conditions, whether it be hot and cold, wet, or dry. There are several must-have features that are very important for a motorcycle dashcam. These are below:

Video quality:

Every model of our dashcams for motorcycles feature full 1080p HD resolution, which means that you are guaranteed superior video quality, and the best chance of capturing people’s number plates.

Steady power supply

All of our motorbike cams connect to a switched power source from your motorcycle. A professional hardwire kit protects the camera, and manages the power supply, so you can fit and forget about them, they are always recording!

Auto start / stop

By connecting your Innov camera to a switched power source on your motorcycle, once the ignition key is switched on/off, your motorbike dashcam will simultaneously start / stop recording.

Loop recording

This is one of the features of Innov cameras that adds the most value, as the loop recording feature means you never have to worry about the SD card getting full. There is no limit on how many hours / days / ridings, you are always covered and able to find the last recordings.

Date and time stamp

It is important for insurance claims that the date and time are embedded within your motorbike dash cam’s video footage. This ensures an accurate recording of the event.

G sensor monitor

The G sensor monitor ensures that any video of an incident, accident, or hard break is locked down, and will not be overwritten by the camera.


This feature combines video evidence with a mapping record of your journey using google maps.

Safe Parking mode

Safe parking mode protects your bike when parked up. The DVR along with the smart supply of energy will allow the G sensor to identify if your bike is knocked or moved, and then record for 10 seconds as a means of hopefully providing some evidence of the incident.

Solid and reliable build

Riding a motorcycle involves countless different challenges, exposure to demanding weather conditions, and types of roads. It is therefore vital for the motorcycle dash cams to be solid and reliably built, as it ensures that they will last, and can withstand such harsh conditions.

Process of how to fit and mount our cameras onto motorcycle helmets

The camera bracket can be positioned on the left, right side, or top of your helmet. The steps added below detail how to install the H5 motorbike helmet video camera onto your helmet.

H5 Camera on helmet


Dashcam installation

Step 1: stick the side / top mount bracket into position on the helmet.

Step 2: Slide the DVR into position on the side / top mount bracket.

Step 3: Enter the app by connecting H5 Wi-fi, then click the camera button to start recording.

Step 4: Adjust the camera position according to personal preference and lock the back mount into place.


Step 5: Stick the microphone bracket onto the inside of the helmet.

Step 6: Adjust the microphone to personal preference for optimal recording.


As highlighted above, there is a societal and humanitarian demand for dashcams– as a means of combatting the scary road accident statistics that are associated with motorcycle drivers. Innov has a variety of high-quality products that meet this demand, such as their K5 motorcycle camera, C5 motorcycle camera, the K3 motorcycle dual camera, and the soon-to-be-released H5 helmet camera. For more information on which one is right for you, review the motorcycle cameras on our website, or contact us directly.