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Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes

The White Knights provide volunteer services in the form of out-of-hours transportation of vital supplies between hospitals and supply centres. Volunteers transport blood, plasma, tissue samples, and documentation between hospitals and centres during out-of-hours periods

The White Knights are on a mission to provide free, reliable, high-quality services to NHS trusts and hospices throughout the UK. It is estimated that for each £1 received in donations to the White Knights, the NHS will save at least £5.

If you’d like to support the valuable charitable work provided by the White Knights, you can donate here.

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Blood Bikes Wales

BloodBikes Wales is a volunteer charity based in Wales, providing a free courier service to the NHS to deliver blood samples, plasma, donated milk, documents, and other items across the country. Their service is entirely free, with volunteers operating on weekdays in certain Welsh health board areas and from 7 pm on a Friday evening until midnight on Monday, including bank holidays and Christmas day, across the rest of Wales.

To donate to this brilliant charitable cause, click here.

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NW Blood Bikes Lancs & lakes

Northwest Blood Bikes works closely with the Police, Ambulance and Fire & Rescue Services as a dedicated body of volunteers. The organisation began operating in May 2012, collecting and delivering donor breast milk, blood, platelets, samples for analysis, medication, documents and medical instruments, etc., outside of normal working hours.

The volunteer organisation wants to make the public aware of what they do, offering talks at events to raise awareness and collect donations to continue doing their great work. Their charitable work has saved the NHS millions of pounds already and their continued work is helping many people.

If you’d like to support the work of Northwest Blood Bikes, you can donate here.

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North East Ride Volunteers

North East Rider (NERVS) was formed with the objective of providing a free transportation service for the NHS. NERVS provides the free transportation of medical samples, equipment, treatments and other items such as breast milk and documentation.

NERVS is also affiliated with the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) to provide volunteer services. Their services run for free from 9 am to 10 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 6 pm on weekends.

If you’d like to support the fantastic work that NERVS is undertaking, you can donate to their organisation here.

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Midland Freewheelers

The Midland Freewheelers began providing their services on the 1st of July, 2010 and now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – in all weather conditions. The Midland Freewheelers cover the whole of the West Midlands, serving hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes.

Additionally, the Midland Freewheelers aid the Midlands Air Ambulance with blood supplies. They carry anything of a medical nature (blood, human tissue, samples, X rays and patient notes). The Midland Freewheelers are part of a larger blood bike family, the NABB.

The Midland Freewheelers are staffed entirely by volunteers who give up their time to deliver supplies either by motorbike or car, in addition to coordinating and fundraising to support their services. If you’d like to support their efforts, you can donate here.

Alternatively, you can donate by text here.

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Blood Bikes Manchester

Blood Bikes Manchester is a charity set up in Greater Manchester. The organisation transports blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, donor breast milk and other urgently required medical items to hospitals and other healthcare sites.

The service runs at night, during weekends and on bank holidays. It is completely free, funded entirely by the charitable work of volunteers and generous donations from the public. This allows the NHS to divert funds where they are needed most.

The positive work carried out by Blood Bikes Manchester has been hugely beneficial for many people, as well as helping the NHS. If you would like to support the work of BloodBikes Manchester, you can donate here.

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Service By Emergency Herts and Beds

SRTV Herts and Beds provides a voluntary out-of-hours service for NHS hospitals in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire area, transporting valuable medical supplies. Volunteers are on call every day, 24 hours a day and throughout all public holidays.

The organisation provides frozen breast milk to premature babies in neonatal units, in addition to providing hospice support. The team provides a collection and delivery service between hospice and local hospitals, transporting supplies such as medication, blood transfusions, medical equipment, patient notes and medical samples.

To support their excellent work and help them to continue to provide their services, you can donate here.

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Free Wheelers

Freewheelers EVS is a registered charity offering an out-of-hours courier service to the NHS, completely for free. Freewheelers transports blood, pathology and microbiology specimens, and patient notes, in addition to X-rays and breast milk. The dedicated team also delivers to two local air ambulance bases.

During the Covid year 2020-2021, the organisation made over 7792 deliveries, riding more than 225,000 miles. Freewheelers also received The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – the equivalent status of an MBE.

Freewheelers’ services are provided entirely by volunteers, relying entirely on public sponsorship and donations. If you would like to support its work, you can donate here.

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Cornwall Blood Bikes

Cornwall BloodBikes is a group of self-funded volunteers who provide a free, out-of-hours delivery service to the NHS throughout Cornwall and beyond.

The organisation was founded in February 2011 and became fully operational in July 2012. It is also a member of the NABB and, like other Blood Bike organisations, provides medical supplies to hospitals and other organisations.

If you’d like to support its charitable work, you can donate here.

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Blood Bikes Scotland

BloodBikes Scotland contacted the NABB to try to volunteer. However, the response it received was that if members wished to volunteer, they would have to start their own organisation, as none existed in Scotland. Since then, they have applied for charitable status and have begun working with the NHS.

The group began working with NHS Borders in 2014 and has worked with both NHS Lothian and the NHS Lothian Flow Centre. This is in addition to welcoming new members to the organisation and beginning work with NHS Fife and Forth Valley.

If you’d like to support BloodBikes Scotland in its mission, you can donate here.

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Serv Wessex Hamps, Dorset & Wilts

Serv Wessex is a registered charity that delivers blood products, urgent samples and medication from hospital pharmacies. Its services support Hampshire, South Wiltshire and Dorset, with volunteers operating 24/7.

SERV Wessex transports blood products and other urgent consignments, allowing NHS hospitals to divert financial and staff resources elsewhere. It also runs a continuous service to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance to replenish the blood and plasma carried on the helicopter.

SERV Wessex want to stress that it can only operate thanks to the skilled work of its team, which includes riders, drivers, dispatchers, admin, fundraisers and volunteers.

If you are interested in getting involved and becoming a volunteer, sponsor SERV Wessex. Alternatively, if you would like to donate, you can do so here.

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Emergency Medical Couriers South Somerset & Dorset

YFW Blood Bikes (YFW) is a group of emergency volunteer bikers operating at Yeovil, Wincanton, and Dorchester Hospitals. It is the oldest surviving blood bike group in the country, providing out-of-hours deliveries and carrying blood, platelets, blood and tissue samples, medication, breast milk, documents, CT scans and equipment to hospitals, hospices and nursing homes alike.

YFW has saved the NHS over £200,000+ while easing patients’ suffering and helping to save lives.

If you would like to help YFW continue its mission and provide supplies to medical facilities, you can read more about the charity here or, alternatively, donate here.

United Kingdom Police Forces  

Innovv UK is proud to have been selected to provide a number of UK Police Forces with a combination of K3 and K5 fitted dash cameras as enhanced solutions for their fleets of motorcycles. Our cameras are helping UK police forces to serve the public.  

The below police forces are supplied by Innovv Uk: