Motorcycle Dash Cameras

Dash Cams For Motorcyclists

Motorcycle dash cameras are an essential, much needed investment for many riders. Our premium fit and forget motorcycle cameras are not only high quality but great value. Once fitted to your motorcycle you can protect yourself, capture moments and share life. Every single item you need comes in the package and comes ready to play. The install is simple and easy, just fit and forget!

Motorcycle accidents unfortunately happen frequently and carry a higher risk of injury and damage.

Dash camera evidence is critical if an accident does occur, as they can be used to prevent an argument and disagreement with the other party and insurance company. A dash camera supplies a clear and accurate view of who was at fault that can be utilised in your insurance claim.

Motorcycle riders also widely use dash cams to track and review routes and share interesting footage via social media and the bike community. It can also be an invaluable educational tool for beginner riders learning how to keep safe on the road.

Dual Motorcycle Cameras

Dual motorcycle cameras are the best choice to provide full coverage and visibility. A dual -channel dash cam includes a front-facing camera and a rear facing camera, simultaneously recording. Most motorcycle riders prefer a dual camera as a lot of incidents can come from rear-end type accidents.

Our stylish  K3 dual camera is built with has both a front and rear 1080p full HD camera and is packed with an array of versatile features to meet the demands of motorsport. We have also included an external microphone, mobile app and smart remote control to view live video and download your trip.

Our K5 dash cam is packed with versatile features, this dashcam is designed for those that demand more. This is the worlds first fitted 4K ultra-HD & 1080P full HD recording camera solution for bikes. It is stylish and IP67 waterproof, it comes with loop recording, dual band Wi-Fi, a smart remote control and full featured INNOVV App. It also has an external microphone and MAX 512 GB card and is packed with industry leading 5Hz GPS receiver.

Dash cams can be installed in various places on your motorcycles front and rear. It should be positioned where it can capture the best view of the road, and safely, not obstructing the drivers view in any way. It should also only be connected to a switched power source, so it only has power when the vehicle is turned on.

Dual motorcycle cameras include both front and rear cameras, ideal to give maximum road visibility.

Motorcycle dash cams can record front and back and offers the most coverage - these are called dual cameras and have a front and rear facing camera.

Single 1 channel dash cams use only a front facing camera in front of the motorcycle. 2 channel, also referred to as dual-channel systems offer front and rear recording, so are widely viewed as a better choice.