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INNOVV 1080HD Hidden Motorcycle & Car Dashcams

High Quality Build to Meet the

Needs of the Motorcyclist and Driver

Customer Feedback

The Innovv series of cameras are phenomenal pieces of kit

I couldn’t imagine a Better Camera System

Just by holding each of the components you can feel the quality

The quality of the recording is stunning

The first thing that struck me was the quality

Innovv C5 Motorcycle Camera System

Innovv C5 Single Lens

£159.95 to £179.95

Great Value, HD Video

C5 Motorcycle Edition
C5 Car Edition
C5 Helmet Edition

INNOVV Cameras. The Latest Generation of Dashcameras Designed for the Motorcyclist and Car Driver

Stylish and Effective. Designed to be discreet. Light-Weight and Compact but Packs a Powerful Punch. Solid Performance & Built to Last 

Protect Yourself

Protect Your No Claims Discount

Tackle Crime and Bad Driving


Innovv K2 Motorcycle Camera System

Innovv K2 Dual Lens + GPS


Dual Camera System

K2 Motorcycle Edition
K2 Car Edition

Driven by the Needs of Bikers

Innovv's Camera Range Meets all your Needs

Fit and Forget. Always on !!!

With the K2 and C5 fitted cameras the core benefits are similar to car dashcams; always on, you don’t need to remember to turn them on, loop recording means you’ll always be able to capture footage without thinking about it. No charging batteries, no remembering to start and stop recording; once fitted the camera’s simply operate automatically when you start and stop your bike. The C5 Helmet Edition has over 14 hours of battery capability and simple to operate. No fiddly buttons, just plug and play

Discreet Installation. Hidden Away

The Innovv camera’s are small enough to be hidden on your bike; once installed, they are permanently fitted and hardly noticeable. The discreet C5 helmet camera is now also available, if you are looking for a helmet based solution with superior battery capabalities. The Innovv camera’s are compact, easy to disguise and totally discreet. Designed specifically for motorcycling.

Cover the Danger Zones

Record the danger zones and protect your ride. No matter what solution you are looking for the Innovv motorcycle camera range could be for you. For all round protection there is the K2 dual lens camera (front and rear) that includes GPS. The C5 single lens comes in two editions, the forward facing fitted solution to your bike or the helmet based version that has superior battey capabailities to any other helmet based camera,

No More Battery Life Issues

The Innovv K2 and C5 fitted cameras are hard-wired to the bike electrics so forget about needing to charge batteries. The C5 helmet edition is a unique design that can record for over 14 hours. What ever solution you prefer, you will have no more battery issues and hoping that your camera is still running 2 hours into the most awesome ride of your life! Up to 19 hours continuous recording on the max sd card and never having to worry about battery life speaks for itself. 

Wi-Fi Controlled.

You can access your recordings quickly and easily using a mobile app. Forget about needing to connect to your computer and work out how to download the videos. With the Innovv app, download video quickly, share on social media or with your friends in a flash and get instant access to adjust all the settings on your camera installation.

Why Choose Innovv?

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Customer Feedback

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Innovv C5 | Innovv K2

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Partnership with Blood Bikes

Our Latest Partnerships

We were proud to partner and support Blood Bikes across the UK. The Innovv K2 Systems are fitted to;

Wales, Scotland, Manchester, Midland Freewheelers and Serv Herts & Beds.

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Innovv C5 Single Lens

Innovv C5 vs K2 features comparison

Motorcycle Cameras Filled
with High-End Features You'll Love

Quality Full 1080HD
Video Capture

Wi-Fi App Control with
Free Mobile App

Explore, track and Share

Camera Systems

Loop Recording

Safe Parking Mode
Protect Your Ride

Up to 19 Hours
of Storage

Great Sound Quality
No Wind Noise

Weather Proof

Fit & Forget
Automatic Operation


C5 Motorcycle Edition
C5 Car Edition
C5 Helmet Edition
K2 Motorcycle Edition
K2 Car Edition
C5 Vehicles