Why a motorcycle dashcam is a great investment

Motorbike cameras are becoming a popular choice amongst riders and are a great way to record your rides and more importantly keep you safe. But not all cameras are created equal.

While the use of mainstream cameras, such as GoPro’s, provide footage for action shots and highlighting adventure, these cameras lack the safety features as well as the functionality designed specifically for motorcyclists for day-to-day rides or long-term activities.

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With our experience and strong engineering background, our Innovv cameras are designed specifically for all forms of motorcycling by motorcyclists. Motorcycle safety cameras, like the Innovv K5 motorcycle dash cam, are designed to provide valuable evidence in an insurance claim as well as additional versatile features.

At Innovv, we’ve outlined a few of the key points to help inform you about the benefits of fitting a motorcycle dash cam to your bike.


Why use a motorcycle dash cam?

The main reason to use a motorbike camera is primarily to keep you safe. The road can be a dangerous and unpredictable place.

When it comes to making an insurance claim or even an injury lawsuit, there are two major disadvantages that motorcyclists struggle with after being in an accident:

  • There is a built-in societal bias against motorcyclists. Most people think riders are reckless daredevils with little regard for themselves or anyone around them.
  • Being on a smaller vehicle makes you more difficult to see in certain situations, leading to statements for reports being self-serving to the other driver.

But if you had either a motorbike dash cam or a helmet camera, you will be able to cut through these issues without any problems.


Motorcycle safety cameras have their advantages

At Innovv, our range of cameras are designed to create a safer riding experience and are designed and built specifically with the demands of motorsport in mind.

The cutting-edge technology with the INNOVV K3 motorcycle dash cam is packed with versatile features that no simple ‘action camera’ offers. With built-in loop recording features, external microphone, and waterproof casing, our Innovv cameras are easy to use as well as easy to install.

If you were involved in an accident and had an Innovv camera mounted to your bike or helmet, you’ll be able to provide video evidence that will:

  • Prove liability and comparative fault against the other driver
  • Show you were obeying the rules of the road
  • Lower your insurance rates (most insurers now give a discount if you use a helmet cam)
  • Show that you care about your safety and well-being

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Record your rides

While providing you valuable evidence and keeping you safe, another reason to invest in a motorbike camera is to record your rides and watch back the footage.

Recording your favourite ride to show friends and family is a great way to encourage new riders to get out and explore.

Using a motorcycle dash cam also gives you the opportunity to share fun spots or hidden locations with fellow riders across the country.



Investing in a motorbike camera for any rider is a great investment that will save you money in the long run and will provide security and safety for your rides, whether they’re daily commutes or long road trips.

With the constantly evolving tech landscape and increasing quality of cameras, a motorcycle dash cam can also provide you with the chance to record your leisurely rides and share your experiences in a positive way with high quality assured.