Front and Rear-View Motorcycle Cameras

Innovative motorcycle camera that captures dual footage of both the front and back of your bike

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The K3 is an innovative motorcycle camera that captures dual footage of both the front and back of your bike to provide versatile footage, full coverage of your rides and enhanced safety, ensuring you are receiving reliable footage of your journeys.

The K3 utilises cutting edge technology to offer more than just the standard ‘action camera’. It is designed and manufactured to suit the demands of motorsport and intense distances. The K3 is built to fit comfortably onto your bike and record high quality footage, while also withstanding IP67 waterproofing.




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Front and rear full HD 1080P camera

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K5 Rear and Front Camera

For a slightly higher spec front and rear camera, we also offer the impressive K5. Featuring many of the same brilliant K3 features, the K5 elevates regular ‘action cameras’ and offers stunning video quality, dual camera recording for enhanced safety, high speed support, and 5Hz module support. As well as stunning 4k ultra-HD recording.

What sets Innovv cameras apart from the rest is their incredible features, multi-sport usage and remarkable design. Our cameras are designed to withstand the rigours of motorcycle life, while also providing high-quality and valuable footage from all angles of your ride.

Dual recorded footage provides you with the opportunity to not only catch beautiful moments on your journeys, but also enhanced safety while travelling. In the event of an accident, issue or dispute, you have accurate recording of both the front and rear of your bike to protect you against claims, accidents and other issues with other road users.

Front Camera

Front View Cameras

Front view cameras provide accurate, reliable, and real-time footage of your journeys from a front perspective. Record everything you see on your journeys and never miss an accident or dispute claim again with dependable front view footage.

Should you ever be involved in an accident or road dispute, our Innovv cameras can provide evidence to support or rival a claim and ensure your safety on the road, always.

Rear View Cameras

Having an Innov rear view camera installed provides you with additional security when on the road. Should you ever be involved in a road accident or insurance dispute, you will be covered with reliable, front, and rear footage, curtesy of your dual channel Innovv dash camera for your motorcycle.

Aside from safety and security benefits, your camera can capture views from behind that you will have simply never been able to see before. Never miss a thing with your Innovv front and rear motorcycle dash camera.

K5 Rear Camera
K5 dual camera

A Dual Camera Solution Gives the Best Coverage

While having single view dash cameras offer brilliant additional safety and stunning footage of your journeys, the safest option is to have a camera covering both the front and back of your motorbike. Having dual footage provides you high quality, 4k recording footage of both the front and back of your motorcycle.

For motorcyclists, you are at risk of road accidents, dangerous drivers, and other road users’ misjudgements. Having front and rear recording capabilities gives you the best chance to stay safe on the roads and ensure you are riding safely and security on all your journeys. As well as avoid wrongful accusation or getting in the middle of a road incident dispute or claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

A front motorcycle camera is a dash camera that fits to your motorcycle and records footage from the front angle, providing recordings of what you would see as the rider.

The front camera covers the front of your bike and provides you footage of what the rider would typically see. The exact area covered will vary depending on where on the bike you attach your camera, how big your bike is, etc. However, you will get a good view of the front and will be able to catch footage of number plates, faces, and the road ahead of you.

Rear view cameras are motorcycle dash cameras that are fitted to the rear of your bike and record footage from the rear of your bike, giving you viewpoints for what happens behind you on your journeys.

Similar to the above, rear view cameras specific coverage will vary depending on where you attach the camera. However, all rear-view cameras will be able to effectively capture your rear view, including number plates, faces, etc, in 4K recording.

Front cameras can be fitted to the front of your bike via the handlebars, above or below them, or attached to your helmet.

Dual cameras are cameras that provide dual channel recording and can be fitted at the front and rear of your motorbike to provide full coverage of your journeys.

The average price for a high-quality front and rear-view camera is about £200. This includes features such as HD resolution, wide angle lenses, night vision, and GPS. You can find cheaper cameras on the market, but they will not offer the same level of quality. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line camera.

We totally appreciate that on motorcycles there is limited space for after-market products such as cameras. Innovv have worked tirelessly especially on the design of the lens case plus the flexible mounting solutions to try and ensure its as universal as possible.

Of course, with so many designs of bikes mounting options vary, but you can usually find somewhere practical on the back of your bike to mount your camera.

Front and rear cameras provide the best amount of coverage of the front and back of your journeys. Having dual recording offers you footage of all angles of your journey and provides you with valuable footage in the event of an accident or road incident.