K5 Motorcycle Camera


Great savings on Accessories when purchased with the camera

The brand new INNOVV K5 dash cam is packed with versatile features that no simple ‘action camera’ offers. It is designed and built for those who demand more.

Items in Package

1 x Front Camera (Integrated with DVR)

1 x Rear Camera (3 meter long video cable)

1 x Remote Control

1 x GPS Module

1 x External Microphone

1 x 12V/5V Converter

1 x Rear Camera Mount

1 x DVR/Remote Control Mount

1 x TF Card Reader

1 x User Guide

1 x Spare Part Package (screw driver, 3M double-sided tape, waterproof rings and screws)

  • Micro SD Card (Save Upto £6)

    Provides upto 3.5 Hours of recording(4k) storage

    Provides upto 7 Hours of recording(4k) storage

    Provides upto 14 Hours of recording(4k) storage

Download spec here

15 reviews for K5 Motorcycle Camera

  1. Avatar of John Victor

    John Victor

    I recently fitted the Innovv k5 to my Triumph Tiger gt pro. I was determined to have minimal wiring on show which is quite difficult due to the number of wires exiting the 4k dvr unit. I did the easy bit first and fitted the rear camera and ran its cable upto the front of the bike. Next was to connect the power supply and run that to the front of the bike. It took me a while to settle on a mounting location for the dvr unit. Eventually I secured it to the bracket of an offside running light on the upper crash bar. Fit the remote on the nearside mirror mount and the gps unit on the offside inboard of where front indicator is mounted. After a couple of unsatisfactory false starts with the wiring I removed the front beak and managed to hide the wiring neatly inside. Definitely not a 5 minute install if you’re ocd about wires hanging untidily but pleased with the final result.

  2. Avatar of Robin Jones

    Robin Jones

    Have found it an excellent product, although finding my way around the settings took some time. Don’t have much use for the microphone as it’s intended as a fit and forget system. G sensor is way too sensitive to use.

  3. Avatar of Martin Robertson

    Martin Robertson

    Fast delivery of the camera kit. It is presented well, instructions are clear but fitting can be trouble with all the wiring, just take time doing it and everything will be fine.
    Great picture quality with little vibration and the microphone works well.

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