Why Use a Motorcycle Dashcam?

As a motorcyclist, you are at an incredibly high risk of potential accidents on the road in comparison to other road users. Aside from travelling at high speeds and having the ability to manoeuvre between lanes, motorcycles lack the structural protection that a car or other vehicle can offer. As such, motorcycle accidents are far more likely to result in an injury or a fatality.

One of the main causes of motorcycle accidents is that car drivers do not see them. This is particularly dangerous when drivers are making left turns, as they often pull out into the path of an oncoming motorcycle without checking first. In order to try and combat this, many motorcyclists make themselves as visible as possible by wearing bright clothing and using their lights, even during the daytime. However, there are still many accidents caused by drivers not paying attention, which is where a motorcycle dash camera could be useful.

The injury rate among motorcycle users is abhorrently high, and while accidents do and will happen, more should be done to protect motorcycle drivers. This is where a motorcycle dashcam comes in.


Motorcycle dashcam

A motorcycle dashcam can serve many purposes and it can provide evidence in the event of an accident. If you have been in a road accident that was caused by another road user, a motorcycle dashcam is a valuable asset to have equipped, to help provide evidence to support your claim or offer valuable evidence in support of you, another driver, or a third party.

Dash cameras are incredibly useful for all road users, especially motorcyclists. They offer enhanced protection and valuable evidence to support you in the event of an accident. Due to societal understanding, when a motorcyclist is in a road accident, it is more likely thought to be the motorcyclist who is at fault. However, this is not always the case. It is often due to careless drivers and non-vigilant road users.

The above indicates that motorcycle users are at incredibly high risk on the roads and are often at a greater risk of danger in comparison to other road users. For this reason, having a motorcycle dash cam is absolutely essential for all motorcycle riders.


What are the benefits of having a motorcycle dashcam?

There are many benefits to having a motorcycle dashcam, and they all work together to improve your safety on the road.

A motorcycle dashcam can:

  • Capture great footage of your journeys to be used for other purposes
  • Protect against false claims and wrongful accusations
  • Legitimate proof of who is at fault
  • Your silent witness
  • Protect your no-claims bonus
  • Save money on insurance

All of these benefits work together to help improve your safety on the road. If drivers know their actions are possibly being recorded, they are less likely to take risks or drive carelessly. And if you have evidence of an accident, it is much easier to prove who was at fault and clear your name if you were not responsible.


A motorcycle dashcam is an essential piece of kit for all motorcycle riders, and the benefits far outweigh the cost. If you are serious about your safety on the road, a motorcycle dashcam should be at the top of your list.

You can browse our range of motorcycle dashcams here. We carry a variety of cameras that offer front and rear recording for enhanced safety and visibility on all your journeys. It is always best to have and not need than need and not have, after all.