Why Use a Motorcycle Dashcam?

As a motorcyclist, you will agree that the potential for accidents is higher than driving a car and a lot more at risk of personal injury.

There are many factors that may contribute to a motorcycle accident. The primary issue is that other drivers may not see motorcycles. Clearly, most Motorbikes are much smaller than most other vehicles on the road. Taking a quick glance in the mirror or over the shoulder could mean a driver may not see a motorcycle nearby. In addition, at junction’s motorcycles are also much less more visible than other vehicles.

It is a fact that when people think of motorcycle incident they think that the motorcyclists are at fault.  They may think motorcyclists speed and are reckless drivers. However, approximately half of all motorcycle crashes involve more than one vehicle. Of those incidents, a high percentage is attributed to the other vehicle making a left-hand turn in front of the motorcyclist.

So, in answer to the question “Why do I need a motorcycle dashcam?”

  • It is your silent witness
  • Protects you against false accident accusations
  • Absolute proof of who is to blame for the incident and liability
  • Will speed up any insurance claims
  • Protect your no claims bonus
  • Let’s not forget the fun side as well. Capturing moments and sharing life! 


Why Use a Motorcycle Dashcam?
Why Use a Motorcycle Dashcam?

The Innovv Solutions

The INNOVV motorcycle cameras use a solid aluminium housing that will outlast any plastic designs. It is built to last:

Weather proof: It goes without saying that every part of the system needs to be weather proof.

Easy and clear operating controls: Because the system is hidden wifi control is important for ease of use. You really don’t need to be digging the sd card out every time you want to review your footage… Well, you don’t need to because you can review all video and change any setting via the dedicated INNOVV wifi App.