Behind the INNOVV H5 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

The INNOVV H5 Motorcycle Helmet Camera is here! We are now taking pre-orders for August delivery, here’s how we got to this stage…

INNOVV introduced the first remote lens motorcycle dashcam in 2014. The C3 was the first of its kind and since then INNOVV have continued to design, develop, and market an evolving line of dashcams for motorcycles. Not just that however, the C3 and its evolving family can be easy applied to virtually any powersport activity.



At INNOVV, we pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining great relationships with the wider community. We have built a great reputation amongst the motorcycle community, including professional organisations, smaller groups, and individuals across the world. We believe the key to success is listening to the targeted market and utilising their knowledge and experience to craft something that truly works for them.

INNOVV was founded on innovation, and over the last eight years motorcyclists have encouraged us to develop a professional motorcycle camera that is designed to overcome the shortfalls found on other action-cam products. We have listened to our users and learned from their unique experiences what the ideal helmet camera would look like for them.

motorcyclists with helmet cameras

We found that many of the mainstream action-cam products do not cater to the specific requirements for motorcycle use, and as such have some issues that can lead to dissatisfaction in user experience. For example, we studied the GoPro and found the optimal use for GoPro users is in creating action videos and highlighting action, fun and adventure.

However, this neglected the aspect of the day-to-day. Daily commuting and longer-term activities, where a long-term and reliable recording is needed is what was missing. With this in mind, our ideas for a new action-cam product were created, with safety and daily use at the forefront of the design and key-features.

We quickly generated some key design points:

  • Quality look and feel
  • 4K Resolution
  • Enhanced image stabilisation
  • Uninterrupted recording time
  • Easy mounting & use once fitted
  • External microphone

Next, we took our design specifications and thanks to 3D printing technology, our ideas and requirements were created. Over the course of a few years, many designs and samples have been trialled and rejected as we continue working to refine our design.

Innovv helmet camera design


The Innovv H5 has been in the works for some time; finally, we have an incredible product that ticks all the boxes for the ideal helmet camera for motorcyclists.

Watch this space, we are always adapting, creating, and innovating to suit your needs.