Fitting the INNOVV K5 Mount & Camera with TeapotOne

YouTuber and moto-vlogger Bruce Smart, more commonly known as TeapotOne, recently fitted the INNOVV K5 motorcycle camera mount to a BMW R1250GS ADV.

TeapotOne is a motorcyclist who made the decision to live out his dream of riding his motorbike around the world after losing his mother in 2008. Since then, he’s shared his journeys and adventures with the world, offering hints, tips, and advice to fellow motorcyclists.

When previously using the K5 front camera, TeapotOne found it challenging to provide useful footage that was stable and reduced the warping issues that commonly occur across the UK’s uneven road surfaces. By combining the K5 camera with the K5 mount however, the quality of Bruce’s videos drastically changed.


The INNOV K5 Front Mount

The new INNOVV K5 front camera mount comes packaged safely and securely in order to eliminate any damage that may occur during delivery.

The design of the mount is lightweight, built from stainless steel and painted black. The look and shape of the mount is manufactured to fit perfectly on a BMW R1250GS ADV, positioned on the front of the bike.

As seen in Teapot One’s video, the installation of the mount is quick and easy, as no modifications are required to fit it to the bike. When ordering the INNOVV K5 front mount, you’ll also find an Alen key that comes inside the kit, meaning no other tools are required.

“It’s a great bit of kit, solid metal, very well made,” as Bruce mentions in the video, “and as you see, incredibly easy to fit.”

The mount is designed to stabilise the camera when out riding, keeping it secure and sturdy over bumps and uneven road surfaces, something evident throughout Teapot One’s video.

When reviewing the footage, Bruce indicates that the K5 Mount “just holds everything much more stable and limits the warping, something that you just don’t get with the new mount.”


INNOVV K5 Front Camera

An added benefit of using the mount alongside an INNOVV camera, specifically the K5 camera means once on the mount, you can adjust the angle to suit you and your bike with ease.

When linked to the INNOVV app, you can use the viewfinder tool to help set up the angle you’d like and orientate the view of the camera.

With a crystal-clear image, running at 4k ultra HD, this dash cam does not compromise on picture quality, ensuring a safer and more secure journey for all riders.