SMSP – Eastern Creek Motorcycle Ride Day Yellow Group Recorded on INNOVV K3 Motorcycle Dashcam

*This great video is from Acoustic Afternoon, recorded on INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam. Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel.

Hey guys,

I know I was looking for stuff like this when I was thinking about stepping up yellow group. This will give you an indication of pace. Also the track etc. I found footage like this useful, hope it helps.

Bike – Triumph TT600

Camera – INNOVV K3

Timer and Telemetry: Racechrono Pro

INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam is a new generation of INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system, adding some innovations to make it smarter and more user-friendly. For more info about this perfect camera, please kindly click the link below: