Innovv ThirdEYE

Blind Spot Detection & Lane Change Assist For Motorcycles

ThirdEYE is a unique blind-spot detection and alert system designed for motorcycles

You’re probably aware of the growth of blind-spot detection systems in cars. They are a system that uses sensors that detect other vehicles and give a clear visual warning for areas around the vehicle that you cannot see.

ThirdEYE is a retro-fit solution that gives you the same safety system for your motorcycle. The system actively monitors the traffic behind you as you ride and gives you visual indications of movement in your blind-spots.

Innovv ThirdEYE Blind Spot Sensor for Motorcycles

Advanced blind-spot monitoring for Motorcycles

ThirdEYE is designed specifically for motorcycle safety and adds enhanced visibility for the motorcyclist to enhance rider safety – it’s like having eyes in the back of your head.

Indication Mirrors or Central Display,
the choice is yours

ThirdEYE Blind-Spot mirror indication for motorcycles
ThirdEYE Blind-Spot indication for motorcycles

ThirdEYE features a unique sensor system designed specifically for motorcycles. This provides the rider with enhanced all-round awareness to increase safety.

The Motorcycle Blind Spot

The all-round vision of motorcyclists is far less than car drivers are used to. After all, there’s no central rear-view mirror on a bike and when you consider wearing a helmet and small mirrors, you can understand that typical motorcycles have a huge blind-spot.

Blind-Spot Detection systems are starting to proliferate in newer vehicles, so why not Motorcycles?

Safety technology in Motorcycles tends to come long after the rest of the automotive world.

We believe these blind-spot detection systems are a great safety feature that greatly enhances the visibility and subsequent safety of motorcyclists so ThirdEYE is the perfect (and only) way to add this latest innovation to your bike until manufacturers begin fitting systems like this as standard.

The benefits are clear to see (no pun intended!) and for those that take safety seriously, ThirdEYE has to be a must-have addition to your motorcycle.

Motorcycle blind spot

How the ThirdEYE blind-spot warning system works

Rear End Collision Detection System

Rear end collision warning

Lane Change Warning

Motorcycle lane change warning system

An advanced multi-sensor vehicle detection system designed specifically for motorcycles

ThirdEYE features three sensors designed to detect vehicles in the motorcycle blind-spot. This covers a 70-degree sector and gives clear warning indications to both the rider and motorcyclist and vehicles around.

[LEFT] When the left side sensor detects vehicles in the sensor range, the triangle symbol on the left mirror and your brake light will flash.

[RIGHT] Similarly, when vehicles are detected on the right side, the triangle symbol on the right mirror and your brake light will flash.

[CENTER] Central rear area detection will flash the square symbols on both mirrors and your brake light will flash.

Depending on the location of detected vehicles, ThirdEYE sends different warning signals to both the motorcyclist and drivers around them.

[10 meters] Safe range, no signals are indicated

[5-10 meters] When the location is between 5-10 meters, the relevant symbol on the mirror(s) and your brake light will flash slowly

[<5 meters] When the location is less than 5 meters, this is the danger zone, the relevant symbol on the mirror(s) and your brake light will flash quickly

Lane change warning system.

When switching lanes, ThirdEYE is there to offer enhanced warnings. For example, when passing on the right lane, the triangle symbol on the left mirror and square symbol on both mirrors will flash in sequence. This is to increase safety during lane changes.

  • Alerts the motorcyclist about the presence of relevant objects.
  • Eliminates momentary head turn distractions to see vehicles in the blind spot

Advanced Sensor

The sensor uses the latest Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology.

​Here the carrier frequency is constantly modulated within a small range (the bandwidth).

As soon as the signal is reflected back from an object, it measures the distance and the speed of the object through frequency comparison.

Motorcycle sensor to detect vehicles around

Keep an EYE on your blind spot

Lifesavers are critical when riding but ThirdEYE also gives you extra peace of mind while warning other drivers you’re there

You’re riding along minding your own business, you’re a safe rider, aware of everything going on around you, you observe lifesavers with physical head-checks and you do everything right but did you account for that new driver or the boy-racer who was too busy on their phone and didn’t see you? No matter how good a road user you are, there are always going to be moments where a lifesaver check doesn’t account for every circumstance.

ThirdEYE is a warning system; not just for you but for other road users too! When someone gets too close, both you and they are going to know about it.


Failing to see a car or motorcycle approaching rapidly from behind in the left-hand lane or in the blind spot next to your motorcycle can easily happen, especially in heavy traffic, on multi-lane motorways or dual carriageways and in an urban environment too.

ThirdEYE provides you with blind-spot information while not sacrificing rider focus or requiring physical movement. Furthermore, this system gives you more aware of your surroundings and will help you make faster decisions and position yourself more defensively on the road.

Brake light warning system

ThirdEYEYour personal space is sacred to you and your safety. ThirdEYE uses your motorcycle brake light to warn vehicles around you that they are invading that space and putting you at risk. The brake light will flash slowly if the system detects vehicles behind you within 5-10 meters and will quick-flash if a vehicle encroaches within 5 meters – it’s a clear and visible warning that categorically says “You are TOO CLOSE to my motorcycle – BACK OFF!”

K2 Features Discreet, almost hidden camera installation

Ready to fit to any motorcycle

ThirdEYE comes with everything you need to retro-fit the system to your motorcycle. Just like our cameras, the system is a permanently fitted solution for your bike.

ThirdEYE Blind Spot Monitor - Mirror System

Mirror Version

ThirdEYE Blind Spot Monitor - Indicator System

Watch Version

The old adage “See, and be Seen” Runs Both Ways!

Be safer, be seen with Innovv ThirdEYE