Innovv PowerHub 1

Power up to 5 devices with this unique switched power source for motorcycles

In the world of modern tech, motorcycles are no exception with GPS, Driving Lights, Heated Clothing/Gloves, Phone Charging and numerous other accessories that make your riding experience more convenient and pleasurable.

But, most motorcycles don’t cater for adding the power for all these gadgets and leave bikers wanting for more. The Innovv PowerHub 1 however, is a retro-fit power system that can be fitted to any motorcycle(incl BMW CanBUS) and makes the process of adding power points safe, reliable and convenient.

Reduce the Clutter of Wiring in new devices

Stop ‘hacking’ your motorcycle power system and consolidate your power needs with one simple to use device

Designed for safe and secure wiring

Designed for and tested with motorcycles, the PowerHub has a built-in 10 second power-on delay and individual fuse connectors for all power lines

Prevent damage to your devices

Forget about power-spikes and wiring issues that can damage both your motorcycle electrics and the devices you attach, the PowerHub prevents overloading and makes the process of wiring in multiple devices simple and safe

With the INNOVV POWERHUB 1 you can safely wire in devices whilst protecting your electrics

Innovv Powerhub 1

Take Control of Your Motorcycle Auxiliary Power

Power up your devices safely and confidently using the PowerHub 1

PowerHub Motorcycle Power System Powering Multiple Devices
  • Protect your Battery and Devices
  • Straightforward wiring
  • Delayed startup and Inline fuses
  • Simply wire-in your GPS, Heated Grips, Heated Clothing, Extra Driving Lights, USB Connectors and more (up to 5 devices)
PowerHub 1
Innovv PowerHub 1
powerhub box

Easy to Fit and Operate

1 x 40A inline fuse for input, 5 x 5A inline fuse for output, Connect up to 5 devices.

Clear indication:

10 seconds power on and power off delay to avoid low power supply to devices when engine start/stop.

  • Red  LED light up, the device is failed.
  • Blue LED flash, 10 seconds power supply delay.
  • Blue LED solid on, power supply.

C5 LED Diagram

Easy Fitting to any Motorcycle. Incl BWM Canbus System

Innovv PowerHub 1 installed on BMW R1200 GS

Innovv PowerHub 1 Fitted to Motorcycle

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