Innovv K2 Motorcycle Camera Technical Support

Current and New Customers…

Current K2 Customers

To ensure 100% smooth running, keep your Innovv K2 camera system fully up to speed with the latest Firmware and App editions. Current Release Versions:

Firmware K2.20190325.V0.48(MP4)
  • iOS – 1.1.4
  • Android – 1.2.7
How to Check your Current Firmware/App Version
Simply access your Innovv K2 App, Select Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find your current firmware and App settings here, please see below example. Innov K2 Technical Support Innov K2 Technical Support   To update to latest firmware use download firmware guide below for instructions. Updating to the most recent App is simple. Just delete the App from your phone and reinstall from your App Store, Google Play etc Note – For 100% performance you need to keep both App and Firmware up to date

New K2 Customers. A quick start guide

We want to make getting to know and using the Innovv K2 system as easy and enjoyable as possible. We suggest that you follow this quick start guide below and take a short while and view the videos below as they will be a great help before you install.

Please Pay Particular Attention To

Point 8 – Installation Hints and Tips

Point 1 – Choose Your SD Card

1. Choosing your SD Card

Choose your SD Card carefully. Please purchase a quality and branded SD card that is suitable for use in a dashcamera, to ensure you have no problems. We recommend Integral U3 Cards available in our shop as these are tried and tested. 

We suggest not using Standard Sandisk SD cards for the Innovv camera systems for the reason below. Their High Endurance range of cards are suitable. 

1. It is not suitable for loop dashcam video recording.

2. Sandisk warranty does not cover using for Dashcam use.

Please see below statement from Sandisk.

Sandisk warranty does not cover use of the Product in connection with the following uses or devices (as determined by SanDisk): (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) video monitoring, security, and surveillance devices, (iii) internet protocol/network cameras, (iv) in-car recording devices/dashboard cameras/black box cameras.

The K2 will take up to a 256gb card. You can expect appx the hours on chart below for each size card.


256GB 19 Hours
128GB 10 Hours
64GB 5 Hours
32GB 2.5 Hours
2. Install the INNOVV K2 App

Download the Innovv K2 App to your mobile device, iPad or tablet. Available from App Store or Google Play. You can search INNOVV K2 or use QR Scanner.

Min Requirements

iOS 8.3

Android 5.1

Windows Phone Not Available

3.Insert the SD Card
Locate the slot on the DVR and Insert the SD card. The SD Card will only fit one way up, never force the SD card, just flip it over if it doesn’t easily go into the slot
4. Before Fitting to your Bike

Before full installation to your bike we advise that you familiarise  yourself with the system, get to know and understand the basics and its operation. For it to fully operate you will need to connect up all items i.e Gps and both front and rear lenses. Ensure everything is tightened and connected properly and SD card is inserted before powering up the K2 system.

Now you need to power up. You have 3 options :

1 – Fully connect the converter to your battery terminals(positive and negative) and yellow to a switched live. In line with full install guidelines

2 –  Connect up black to your negative battery terminal and both the red and yellow to the positive. This will power the unit up for the purpose of testing only. For full install the yellow will require connecting to a switched live.

3 – Connect via mains power using a micro usb lead.. A good quality micro USB lead (min 1A) will be required.

Please note there will be a 10 second start delay (option 1 ) before the DVR fires up.  So don’t panic this is normal.

5.Connect to the K2 App

Now to get your DVR connected to your mobile device via WiFi. The blue light will be steadily flashing. Go to the settings on you’re your mobile device, select the Innovv wifi and insert the code 12345678. Your mobile device will now be connected to the Innovv DVR and you will get a solid blue light.

If you have any issues with connection to the Innovv K2 Wifi please see below

iOS – Place you mobile device on Airplane/Flight mode and try again


With Android mobile devices (especially Samsung S9) you may encounter problems with the Wifi connection. Please follow below instructions to resolve
– Switch your mobile device onto Airplane/Flight Mode
– Enable WLAN to find INNOVV K2 app to connect
Innov K2 Technical Support
6. Sd Card Formatting
No matter what size SD card you are using we suggest that you format the card in the DVR via the INNOVV K2 App. This will ensure that the DVR and your card are fully synchronised.
7. Check the Settings
Select the WiFi App that you have downloaded to your mobile device and you will be able to look/change settings review recordings etc. Please see the ‘Get to know your Innovv App’ below for a full tutorial on how it all works. By now you should pretty much be up to speed with the basics of the camera set up and how to use… So all that’s left to do is fully install the K2 System.
8. Installation Hints and Tips

Now its time to fully install the K2 system to your bike. Please refer to install hints and tips below. The install is pretty straight forward, just a few things to remember when planning location of DVR, Lenses and GPS Module.

Lens Cables – Be sure to plan the routing of the cables carefully to ensure that they are not damaged during or after full installation. Avoid any really tight bends in the cables and of course any direct heat. Damage to a lens cable will effect the functioning of the DVR.

Camera Lens – Please avoid any direct pressure to the lens glass when installing as excessive pressure could damage the lens.

Innov K2 Technical Support

DVR – It is very important to secure the DVR. The microphone is located within the DVR  movement will make for poor sound quality. Also the G Sensor is located within the DVR. If you are using the G Sensor feature you will lock down too many files and will have to delete these locked files on your computer or perform a card format on a very regular basis. If not the card will fill up and stop recording.

Lens Locations – Things to consider here. The lenses have a 120 degree angle so try to pick the best location to ensure a full field of view. The ‘live’ option on the App is a great tool as you can see live what the lenses are seeing and help you fine tune. Note that you can use either length lens cables as front/back, whichever suits your bike set up.

Lens Mounts – Secure the lenses well. Vibration will effect video quality. When deciding on lens location ensure that the lens/holder can be secured down well to limit vibration as best as possible.

GPS Module Location – The module needs to be located in an external location to ensure communication with a satellite.  Ideally the module needs to be as close to horizontal as possible.We strongly suggest it is tested in desired location before securing. The module should be located at least 30cm from the main DVR unit.

9. CAN bus System

Installing your camera system via the 12v/5v conveter will not interfere with your Can bus system. The current draw from the camera power unit is very small and will not interfere with the CAN bus system. Many Innovv systems have been installed to bikes with CAN bus systems without any issue. The pick up for the switched live source is generally the tail/rear light.

However, if in the future want to add auxiliary lights, horns or other accessories or you do not want to connect the camera direct via switched live source you can look to install a CANbus controller. This makes a lot of sense as any future additions are quicker and easier to add and you will gain added functionality. Suggested CAN bus controllers are Volocan and DENALI, both offer similar functionalty. The Volocan product offers a lower price point and is perfect if you are looking at basic two wire lights.  The Denali option is a smaller form factor (easier to find a home for) and offers plug and play integration of the DENALI range of lights and Soundbomb horns etc. For further techinical advise please contact Moto-Mate one of Innovv UK’s authorised intsallers and CAN bus system experts. Moto-Mate Contact Details

10.Playing/Downloading Your Video

Now for the fun part, watching your video. There are 3 ways in which to review your video content

1 – Via the Innovv Wifi App on your Mobile Device

Select documents on the App home page you then have 2 choices ‘ Files in Camera’ and ‘Files in device’

Files in Camera – Once selected you will see a preview list of all files currently saved on the SD card that’s inserted into the DVR. Select the file required and you can either delete, stream online or save. To stream on line you need to maintain the wifi connection with the DVR to watch the video. If you want to save your video and watch at a later time away from your bike select save. See below

Files in Device – Once you have saved the video file this is where you can review/watch the video without being connected to the Innovv Wifi. Your files can be accessed here or via your mobiles video storage. Video saved to here will not be over written by the DVR if set to loop record.

Of course if you have your mobile device storage linked to the cloud, video saved to your device can be viewed and managed via iCloud(iOS/Apple) or Samsung Cloud etc

2 – Review Video on your Computer

There are 2 ways to achieve this

A – Remove the Micro SD Card from your DVR, place into the SD Card Adapter and insert in to your computer or laptop. Open the external/flash drive that should auto populate and select the video file. You will need a media player installed on your computer that will play MP4 files. Note – the majority of computers will have a compatible media player already installed.

B – Download video direct to your computer from your mobile device. To achieve this the video files required will need to have been saved to your mobile device (refer to Files in Device above). Once the video files have been saved to your device, connect you mobile device to your computer via your USB lead. Video content can then be accessed via ITunes(iOS/Apple), Samsung Kies etc

GPS Data/Split Screen Viewing(Front and Rear Video). For advanced users who want to create split screen viewing, intergrating GPS data, please refer to the GPS section of our tech support page as Dashcam Viewer Software will be required.


11.Managing Video Files

Managing the files on your Micro SD Card is important to its health and will increase the life of the Micro SD Card plus ensuring the K2 DVR functions 100%

G Sensor and Parking Mode – Switched On

Managing video files Via the WiFi App.

Standard video files will appear as a normal thumbnail (Documents/Files in Camera). Any files that have been locked down by the G Sensor function will appear with a small padlock in the bottom right hand corner of the thumbnail.

Standard video files can be deleted within the App. All locked down files are protected to ensure they are not over written when loop recording and these files can only be deleted by managing files via your computer (see below) or by completing reformat of the card in the App. Please be aware that when reformatting all video files will be deleted on the card. If locked files are left in the parked folder these will build up over time and if not deleted will fill up the SD card and the camera will no longer record.

Managing Video Files Via your Computer.

 When the SD card is placed into your computer and opened you will have 2 files appear, Video and Parked. Standard video files will be located in the Video folder and all locked down files triggered by the G Sensor will be located in the park folder.

 To view all video for an entire ride, files may be located in either of the files. If the G Sensor/Parking Mode is not required, turn the feature off and all video files will appear in the standard video folder.

 Please note that locked video files in the park folder will not be over written by camera but can be deleted when SD card is managed in your computer. If locked files are left in the parked folder over time these will build up and if not deleted will fill up the SD card and the camera will no longer record.

 G Sensor and Parking Mode – Switched Off

Managing Video Files Via the WiFi App.

All video files will appear as a normal thumbnail (Documents/Files in Camera). All files can be deleted/saved individually within the App.

Managing Video Files Via your Computer.

All video files will be located in the standard video folder and can be saved or deleted as required.


Performing a regular Re Format of your SD card will maintain its health, extending its life at the same time as ensuring the smooth running of your Innovv Camera System.


12.Forgotten Password


Easily done..

To reset the password you will need to complete a firmware update. Full step by step guide can be found on this Tech Support page. Once completed the password will be reset back to 12345678

13. General Info

For more comprehensive instructions please refer to full ‘ User Guide’ and K2 GPS guide below. We know instructions are probably the last thing you’ll look at but if you skip some of the steps it will slow you down!

Downloads and Guides


User Manual

Download the K2 User Manual  DOWNLOAD


Lens Installation Guide

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SD Card Guide and Formatting

Guide to SD cards and how to ensure in correct format DOWNLOAD

Download the Latest K2 Firmware

Handy User Guide on how to update your Firmware DOWNLOAD

K2.bin Firmware File DOWNLOAD


Get to Know the Innovv K2 App

Information and Advice on Using the K2 mobile APP DOWNLOAD


K2 GPS Guide

Information and Advice on installing and using the K2’s GPS

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