Innovv K2 Front & Rear Motorcycle Camera 

The K2 is a Front & Rear FULL HD camera system for your Motorcycle that works just like a Dashcam…. Supports up to a 256gb Micro SD Card for a MASSIVE 19 Hours of Full HD recording

The Innovv K2 dual camera system is a permanently fitted recording solution designed specifically for motorcycles. It’s straight-forward to fit and is engineered to be robust, totally weatherproof and reliable. Suitable for any bike including CAN bus systems


High Build Quality that will last

We understand the requirements of motorcycle camera systems and this, latest generation K2 is engineered using precision CNC router aluminium for reliable durability wherever you take your ride.

A great Mobile App for Simple Operation

Review live recordings, update device settings and Download video simply. The app makes the operation of your K2 a simple pleasure; share your video easily and playback recordings at will. Available for Apple & Android devices.

100% Weather Proof Camera System

The K2 is built for motorcycles and no matter how bad the weather gets, you can rest assured it’s fully protected. So when you hit that torrential downpour, heavy rain or that massive puddle, the system is 100% weatherproof and ready for whatever you (and the environment) can throw at it.

Easy to Fit to any Bike

This dual camera system is easy to fit and comes with everything you need to wire it into your bike. The DVR and Power unit are designed for Motorcycles and won’t overload your bike electrics. All the connections are solid and secure for peace of mind and total reliability. Suitable for any bike including CAN bus systemsFind Further details on K2 Tech Support

Built-in GPS, Automatically Track your Rides

The Innovv K2 recordings contain your location and speed using the built-in GPS. You can use the map on the mobile App to explore your routes, terrain, track your rides and even share with your friends. The GPS can easily be turned off via the App.

INNOVV K2 DVR The Latest Generation Dual Camera System for your Motorbike

Innovv K2 Dual Motorcycle Camera System
Innovv K2 Motorcycle Camera
Innovv K2 Dual Motorcycle Camera System
Innovv K2 Dual Motorcycle Camera System
Innovv K2 Dual Motorcycle Camera System
Innovv K2 Dual Camera for Motorcycles

120 Degree Front & Rear Visibility ensures you capture everything that happens around your bike.

K2 Dual Camera Motorcycle Dashcam

Full HD 1080P Recording

Both front and rear cameras record in Full HD Video and use high quality Sony Exmore R CMOS sensors that provide a wide dynamic range at 1080P/30fps.

Innovv K2 Full HD Dual Motorcycle Camera

5 Great Reasons to fit an Innovv K2 to your Bike


Fit and Forget. Always on

With the K2 and C5 fitted cameras the core benefits are similar to car dashcams; always on, you don’t need to remember to turn them on, loop recording means you’ll always be able to capture footage without thinking about it. No charging batteries, no remembering to start and stop recording; once fitted the cameras simply operate automatically when you start and stop your bike. The C5 Helmet Edition has over 14 hours of battery capability and simple to operate. No fiddly buttons, just plug and play


Discreet Installation, Hidden Away

The Innovv cameras are small enough to be hidden on your bike; once installed, they are permanently fitted and hardly noticeable. The discreet C5 helmet camera is now also available, if you are looking for a helmet based solution with superior battery capabalities. The Innovv cameras are compact, easy to disguise and totally discreet. Designed specifically for motorcycling.


Cover the Danger Zones

Record the danger zones and protect your ride. No matter what solution you are looking for the Innovv motorcycle camera range could be for you. For all round protection there is the K2 dual lens camera (front and rear) that includes GPS. The C5 single lens comes in two editions, the forward facing fitted solution to your bike or the helmet based version that has superior battey capabailities to any other helmet based camera,


No More Battery Life Issues

The Innovv K2 and C5 fitted cameras are hard-wired to the bike electrics so forget about needing to charge batteries. The C5 helmet edition is a unique design that can record for over 14 hours. What ever solution you prefer, you will have no more battery issues and hoping that your camera is still running 2 hours into the most awesome ride of your life! Up to 19 hours continuous recording on the max sd card and never having to worry about battery life speaks for itself. 


Wi-Fi Controlled, No Wires

Just like the best car dashcams, you can access your recordings quickly and easily using a mobile app. Forget about needing to connect to your computer and work out how to download the videos. With the Innovv app, download and video quickly, share on social media or with your friends in a flash and get instant access to adjust all the settings on your camera installation.

Discreet, Hidden Installation

Hidden installation protects your camera and is unlikely to attract attention


K2 Hidden Dual Motorcycle Camera
K2 Hidden Dual Motorcycle Camera
K2 Features Discreet, almost hidden camera installation
K2 Features Discreet, almost hidden camera installation
K2 Features Discreet, almost hidden camera installation
Innov K2 Mobile App

Use the Mobile App to Control Everything on your setup

Once you’ve installed your K2, the Mobile App gives you all the control you’ll ever need

innov k2 camera setup on app

The Mobile Wi-Fi App communicates directly with your K2 DVR and makes it simple to work with the video!

  • Control all the camera settings
  • View the Live Video feed
  • Take photos straight from the camera
  • Quick access to all video recordings and downloads
  • Simple options to share recordings with others
K2 App Store Logos

Wired In, Always Recording, Full 1080P HD

Comes with 2 interchangeable front and rear lens video cables; 1.5mtr and 3.0mtr.

GPS cable of 1.21mtr able to handle any motorcycle installation

The K2 captures HD 1080p video on both cameras at 30 fps
The lens is 6G Glass, Metal Chassis, IR Cut and captures a wide angle of view (Diagonal 145°/ horizontal 120° / vertical angle 100°)

Innovv K2 Motorcycle Dashcam

Explore, Track and Share with the Built-In GPS

All K2 recordings contain your location and speed using the built-in GPS ( if GPS is turned on). Use the map to explore local terrain, track your rides, and even share with your friends.

K2 Dual Camera Motorcycle Dashcam GPS

Recycled Loop Recording

The Innovv K2 motorcycle camera system uses a recycled file system to capture the most recent footage. As the camera records, the oldest files will be overwritten to provide a continuous ‘loop’ of recordings. Increase the time it takes to cycle through the loop by increasing your memory card to the camera’s maximum supported capacity of 256GB!


                               High-Quality Lens Mount

                                                Robust and Secure lens Mount. Milled from Alluminium and Stainless Steels

K2 Dual Camera Motorcycle Dashcam GPS

High Quality, Robust Fittings

From the DVR unit, cabling and cameras, right through to the high quality brackets(included with kit), the K2 is designed to withstand the rigours of motorcycling in all weathers and extremes! Innovv have been producing motorcycle cameras for several years and each evolution takes account of feedback from our customers, their experiences and needs.

K2 Fixtures and Fittings
K2 Fixtures and Fittings
K2 Fixtures and Fittings
K2 Fixtures and Fittings
K2 Parking mode for increased motorcycle safety

Smart Power Supply and Parking Mode

The K2 Power supply ensures that your cameras kick-in a few seconds after you start your bike but it also has a brilliant feature built in to protect your bike when you’re away.

The smart power supply module of Innovv K2 motorcycle camera system enables safe parking mode recording whilst you are away from your motorcycle.

If your bike is knocked or moved when you’re away, the system will automatically kick in and start recording. It’s a great safety feature.

Designed for Motorcycles,
But The INNOVV K2 is Made for You, Whatever your vehicle

The INNOVV K2 Dual Camera system can be fitted to any vehicle that runs on 12v electrics so it’s not restricted to just motorcycles. Whether you have 2, 3, 4 or more wheels, you can have a great quality, weatherproof, Twin Camera Wi-Fi DVR solution to capture all your driving. Motorcycle, Car, Boat, Caravan, Monster Truck!

Whatever your vehicle the K2 is a Great 2 camera DVR solution