Innovv C5 Helmet Camera

C5 Helmet Camera Overview
Innovv C5 Helmet Mounting Brackets


1DVR2Lens3Lens Cable
4Power Cable5Lens Plug6Thumb Screw
7Power Cable Connector8Powerbank9DVR Holder
10External Mic Hole11Internal Mic Hole12Mini USB Port
13Reset Hole14SD Card Slot


Mobile Requirements for App

Min Requirements       iOS 8.3     Android 7.0      Windows Not Available

DVR – Functions

Key Function
Power Button Press and hold for 3 seconds. For on/off
Micro Sd Card Slot Micro SD Card Max 128gb
WiFi Button Press and hold for 3 seconds. Turn Wifi on/off.
External Microphone Jack plug input for external microphone
Internal Microphone Built in Microphone
Micro USB Port Data transfer between camera system and devices and USB Power Source
Reset Button Press and hold for 10 seconds = Camera system will reset and switch back on automatically

DVR – Operation and LED Indicator

Operation                Power Button – Red                   Wifi Button – Green 
Recording On Red Light flashes once per second
Recording Stopped Solid Red Light
Photograph Taken Red Light will quickly flash 3 times
WiFi is ready to connect Green Light flashes once per second
WiFi is Connected Solid Green Light
SD Card Incorrect Format Once powered on one red flash then Solid Red. Live view on App will also advise SD card incorrect format
No SD Card Red Light will quickly flash 3 times per second
SD Card Formatting Press the red button once (release). Then press and hold down green button for a few seconds, red light goes out. Press red once more and steady flashing red light = format complete.
Firmware Updating Red light will flash erratically for appx 40 seconds. When complete steady flashing red light

Lens Installation Photo’s

C5 Helmet Lens Installation

Lens Cable Connection to DVR – Type C Screwed

C5 Video Cable Connection

Powering the DVR

C5 Helmet Camera Power


  • Specially designed adapters included(*2) that converts the DVR power supply to standard USB for easy connection to a Powerbank or your bikes USB port. Short cable for use with powerbank and a 1mtr cable to connect to bikes USB.


  • Consistent power supply. Choose how long you require recording for and select the equivelent size powerbank

  • Or power direct from your bikes USB which gives you no limts infinate hours of recording. NO USB on your bike, no problem we can provide an Innovv USB port converter.

SD Card Selection and Recording Times

Refer to Tech Suport Page for specific card selection

C5 SD Card Recording Times

UK Stock Ready for Fast Delivery. UK Point of contact for support