Innovv C5 Helmet Mounted Camera System 

The C5 Helmet Camera is a unique camera designed for the Helmet that has NO Battery Limits. Supports up to a 256gb Micro SD Card for a MASSIVE 38 Hours of Full HD recording.…. The lens is very small and weighs only 26g !!!

The C5 Helmet Camera System is designed specifically for the motorcyclist. It is not a general action camera, which are too large for the helmet and have very limited battery life. It’s easy to fit to any helmet and with the lens weighing just 26g you won’t notice you are wearing it. The DVR is either powered by a Powerbank (in pocket) or direct from your bikes USB.

Everything required to fit to your helmet is included . Two USB cables are provided so you can either run it from a Powerbank (0.15Mtr) or direct from your Bikes USB(1.0Mtr)

Manufactured to the Highest Quality

All components are designed for tough environments so whilst the styling is simple and compact, the whole system is solidly built and made especially for motorcycling. We have even thought about video wind noise. The microphone is located in the DVR that will not be exposed to the wind.

Mobile App for Simple Video Downloads

Review and Download video as well as updating Settings and viewing Live Video directly on your Mobile Device. Loads of built-in features for configuration and sharing

100% Weather proof Camera System

The C5 is built for motorcycles and no matter how bad the weather gets, you can rest assured it’s fully protected. So when you hit that torrential downpour, heavy rain or that massive puddle, the system is 100% weatherproof and ready for whatever you (and the environment) can throw at it. No extra waterproof case required.

Easy to Fit to any Helmet

First of all its only the very lightweight lens that is fitted to your helmet. Two different Lens Cable options are available. Just decide where you would like to locate the DVR 

0.5 Mtr Cable for a chest pocket

1.0 Mtr Cable for a waist pocket

The standard Go Pro curved/clip mount for ease of use

Constant Video Capture for your WHOLE Ride

Simple to operate, just plug in and the DVR kicks in and starts recording your ride, it’s as simple as that and no fiddly small buttons. Reliable, Robust and Always ON. No battery limitation and loop recording. Max SD card 256gb = 38 Hours of Recording

Innovv C5 Helmet Mounted Camera System
Innovv C5 Helmet Mounted Camera System
Innovv C5 Helmet Mounted Camera System
Innovv C5 Helmet Mounted Camera System
Innovv C5 Helmet Mounted Camera System

INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera For Your Safety, Security and Pleasure

Video you’ll love to view time and time again

For Safety, Your Own Protection, Evidence of Bad Driving and Great Memories, the C5 helmet camera is everything you need

Innovv C5 Helmet Camera System

Helmet Camera Solution with Wi-Fi

Everything is included in the C5 Helmet camera system
Innov C5 Mobile App

Control Everything from the Mobile App

Once you’ve installed the C5 App,  you have full control

innov c5 camera setup on app
The Mobile Wi-Fi App communicates directly with your C5 DVR and makes it simple to work with the video!

  • Control all the camera settings
  • View the Live Video feed
  • Take photos straight from the camera
  • Quick access to all video recordings and downloads
  • Simple options to share recordings with others
C5 App Store Logos

Wondering why to use an Innovv Helmet Camera ?

Here are a few features we think you will love

C5 Helmet Edition

Plug and Play

The core benefits are similar to car dashcams; always on, you don’t need to remember to turn it on, just plug it in. Its loop recording means you’ll always be able to capture footage without thinking about it. No remembering to start and stop recording with fiddly buttons. Also, at last a camera that you can easily check to see if its on and recording before you set off. Just a quick glance at the DVR (located in your pocket) and you will rest assured its on and protecting your ride.

C5 Helmet Edition

Discreet Helmet Lens that's Aerodynamic

The Innovv Camera Lenses are designed to be small and light so that they can be discretely fitted to the helmet. Because of the bullet style they are a lot more aerodynamic. Weighing just 26g you will not notice you are wearing it. No drag and reduced wind noise. Milled from aluminium and fully weather proof there is no additional waterproof housing required

C5 Helmet Edition

Record the front Danger Zone

Helmet mounted lens so you are recording where you are looking. Whether thats poor driving or an incident you will have it all on video.  Just like a quality car dashcam, the C5 has the optimum 120 wide-angle lens so you will have a good video of what’s ahead

C5 Helmet Edition

No More Battery Life Issues

The Innovv C5 Helmet Camera is powered from a Powerbank or your bike USB. At last a helmet camera that will easily capture your entire ride no matter how long you are out for. The DVR draws 1050mah per hour, see below table for hours of recording you can achieve. There is no limit. Don’t forget with the Max 128gb card you can acheive 19 hours of continual loop recording

C5 Helmet Edition

Wi-Fi Controlled, No Wires

Just like the best car dashcams, you can access your recordings quickly and easily using a mobile app. Forget about needing to connect to your computer and work out how to download the videos. With the Innovv app, download video quickly, share on social media or with your friends in a flash and get instant access to adjust all the settings on your camera installation.

 Record Your Entire Ride

Select your choice of video cable lengths to suit your needs. Works with any powerbank or on-bike USB

The C5 captures HD 1080p video at 30 fps or 720p at 60fps.
The lens has a F3.6 aperture and captures a wide angle of view (Diagonal 145°/ horizontal 120° / vertical angle 100°).

Innovv C5 Helmet Camera
Innovv C5 Helmet Camera

High-Quality USB-C Connectors

Quality is assured across the board with Thumb Screws for an Easy and Secure Connection

C5 Connections Fitting Diagram

UK Stock Ready for Fast Delivery . UK Point of contact for support