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Designed for motorcycles, the PowerHub2 is a 12v Motorcycle Power Distribution Hub designed specifically for adding additional auxiliary power for devices such as GPS, Heated Grips, Running Lights, USB and more. Find out more

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When you want to add auxiliary power to your motorcycle, you can do this the hard way and wire everything into your bike battery but you risk problems with overloading, spikes and potential damage to your equipment. The Innovv PowerHub2 is designed for Motorcycles and provides a switched power system that protects your bike electrics and your devices. Incorporating inline fuses and a delayed startup system, the PowerHub is the best choice for providing new power options for your motorcycle. Find out more about the PowerHub 2 here.

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Weight 430 g
Dimensions 19 × 7 × 7 cm

5 reviews for Innovv PowerHub2

  1. eileen watkinson (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit much better than having lots of wires routed to your battery. The unit is small and unobtrusive and easy to fit. My only criticism would be that a few posi-lock connectors could be thrown in for what is a pricy component.

  2. Barb (Amazon Customer)

    Great Value

  3. Gerrard (Amazon Customer)

    Great little PDU for my bike. Ran black and red extension from the battery in the fairing to under the seat (they even supply spare 1m lengths to enable this) then connected all my accessories to the individual fused leads – heated gloves, heated grips, USB socket, accessory socket and still have leads left for other items. The thin yellow cable is plenty long enough to reach the tail light which I used to provide the ignition feed.
    We’ll just have to see how long it actually lasts, but for the price (cheaper than anything similar, such as the Denali Powerhub or NippyNormans Fuzeblock) I think it’s great value.

  4. Degie (Amazon Customer)

    I wasnt happy with the mess i had under the seat of my motorbike and wanted to have my accessories (Heated Grips, USB socket w/ voltage monitor and daytime running lights) powered only with the key on to reduce accidental drain on the battery and possibly someone messing up with my accessories while the bike is parked somewhere. FuzeBlock or similar products are fancy but also cost too much for what they are and this kit does everything other similar products do but is cheaper.
    Yellow wire was tapped to rear brake light with supplied T-connector.

  5. David Pladgeman

    Does exactly what it says, provides power out for gps, heated grip, my innov k1 . Power on delay is useful when cranking the engine. I used the switched feed to the tail light to control this. Power drain when off is only a few milliamps.

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