Innovv C5 Motorcycle Camera

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The Innovv C5 motorcycle camera system is designed specifically for use on bikes, is high quality and has 1080p HD Video and a great mobile app to control everything. Find out more.

Please use a High Quality Micro Sd Card.

  • 32gb = 5 hours
  • 64gb = 9 Hours
  • 128gb = 19 Hours
  • 256gb = 38 Hours
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The Innovv C5 is a great camera system designed for Motorcycles. It is wired into your bike electrics using an easy to use power converter (supplied) that ensures the camera runs seamlessly every time you ride. The camera system comprises of a waterproof external camera that can be mounted anywhere on your bike (a choice of cable lengths is available) and a DVR unit that connects to the power system. The camera records in 1080p Full HD and has a great mobile app that communicates via wi-fi to adjust all the settings, view live video and download/share the video you record. The DVR accepts Class 10 (and above) SD cards and has continuous loop recording (like car dashcams). For more information about this awesome camera system for your motorcycle, check out our C5 Camera Page. C5 Additional Accessories and Replacement Parts

Additional information

Weight 645 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm
Cable Length

1.8m, 3m, 5m

Class 10 SD Card

None, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

41 reviews for Innovv C5 Motorcycle Camera

  1. Worthles (verified owner)

    First class Product. Excellent service received my order the next day. Always answer your email question quickly

  2. John Lang (verified owner)

    Very good camera

  3. Hugh Sames (verified owner)

    I am very happy with motorbike camera inovv c5 delivered on time great videos slight problems fitting but phoned steve welham and the service was great and very willing to help and rectify the problem great service would recommend this camera and service thanks steve

  4. Mr Jonathan Brooks (verified owner)

    Excellent kit – packed supremely well – all in all brilliant goodies and excellent service.

  5. Order 1225 (verified owner)

    C5 hardwired bike camera is ideal for my needs, good enough images for insurance and checking journeys, huge storage capacity. Starts automatically like a car dashcam, no more fiddling about with batteries and SD cards for helmet camera. Decent build quality, milled alloy and stainless steel bolts.

  6. Nicholas Moutia

    Great camera, great service.My wife bought the Innovv C5 for my birthday in march 2019. Easy to install and set up on my Yamaha MT-07, with an easy to use app. Picture quality is really clear and has good definition, changes in lighting conditions are handled well, and night footage is bright and clear. I had an issue with the camera which was very quickly dealt with by the support team.
    Customer service is excellent, communication was great, very quick replies to emails and had a good telephone call with the guys there. Overall superb experience with Innovv. And can easily recommend them, without hesitation.

  7. Barry Lowe(Facebook Review)

    Good product. I recommend the Innovv C5 for those that want the motorcycle equivalent of a dash cam. Good quality video and easy to install. Make sure if your going to buy this product then buy it from these guys. You will not be disappointed, great clear video I’ve mounted mine under the headlight works perfect!

  8. antony.winchester

    Had firmware update problems, DVR sent back for troubleshooting, sorted very quickly and returned free of charge. First class customer service, especially when product was out of 12 month warranty period – nothing was too much trouble.

  9. Stuart Campney (verified owner)

    Hi, I purchased an Innov C5 after months or getting tired of constantly charging my helmet mounted go-pro. I Chose Innovv based on initial word of mouth recommendations backed up with good online reviews. The unit itself is fantastic, small & robust and very well made. I had some initial set up problems which is where the team at innovv really came into there own . Steve exchanged emails and phone calls with me to fix the issue (quite simple in the end i was pressing the wrong buttons !) I was impressed with Steve’s customer service and taking the time to listen to the problem and resolve with me whilst on the phone A company wont last long without customer service to back it up, so based on my experience Innovv will be around for many many years to come ! Thank you Innovv for a great product and Thank you Steve for all your help !

  10. Christian J

    Ultra Fast shipping to Germany and perfect help before I ordered.

  11. Ian Tucker (verified owner)

    Quality piece of kit, easy to install and works well. Innovv technical support and customer service excellent . Response to e mail questions almost instantaneous and issue with faulty controller resolved within 24 hours.

  12. Andrew Hamnett (verified owner)

    Great service from Steve for sorting out a small problem with my C5. Fantastic piece dash cam and very discreet on my MT-09, highly recommended.

  13. Terry Fellowes (verified owner)

    So far just brilliant, everything arrived and seems easy to set up. Unpacking and loading the app all easy to do. Packaging and the quality of the product is up to Apple standards to it all feels very reassuring

  14. jan (Amazon Customer)

    It took a while to work out how to use the app as I had trouble connecting with WiFi but now the app has been upgraded to Ver3.0 it seems a lot more stable. This unit is much larger than the old C3 and seems better made Video quality is okay certainly not outstanding. Easy to install and works as it should. Customer service is good quick to reply and very helpful.

  15. Konstantine Koliopoulos (Amazon Customer)

    I bought a Innovv C5 for my Motorcycle. It would not charge or store the date and time. Not a big problem as it was hardwired to the bike, but very annoying to have to set date and time manually every time. Contacted Innovv UK and boom they have sent me a new DVR out after receiving my faulty one. Their service and understanding is second to none. If all companies were like this the customers experience would be so much better. I’m leaving with a smile even after a disappointing fault. Thank you guys!

  16. Mr simon berry (verified owner)

    Ordered the innovv C5 for my Kawasaki had an problem with the save date which I connected innovv uk about and had reply straight away and was able to get the issue sorted really quickly. Very impressed and Steve was very helpful with my other queries regarding fixing and mounts. I would recommend one as a permanent fixed camera. Fyi, i use a Ram mount fixing to attach to my bike I also use a rubber wedge to dampen down the vibrations from my bike the picture is now just right.

  17. Craig Stevens

    Rang Stephen today for help on software update for C5. He talked me through the hole procedure, Great customer service. Many Thanks See you at the N.E.C Birmingham

  18. Tony Green

    First class service from initial purchase to Steve resolving a minor problem with my C5 camera. I highly recommend this company to anyone thinking of buying a motorcycle camera, there service and after sales support is excellent. Many thanks again

  19. Robin Carlyle

    Had a problem with my C5, Steve was straight on the case and really pulled out all the stops to resolve things. Service way beyond legal requirements, with no delay and a smile. Top bloke in my books

  20. Robert Gundel (verified owner)

    Brilliant picture quality, easy instal and the app works a treat. System locks up occasionally if ignition is turned on and off frequently in a short period of time. No problem with vibration and set up is very quick. Love it.

  21. Graham Hatch (verified owner)

    Quality product but what impressed me most was their willingness to help with a perceived problem that turned out not to be and their prompt reply.

  22. Chris Wallace

    picked up my camera from the bike show, it’s already wired up and ready to go. great piece of kit. can highly recommend the product. nice and simple to fit. total time to fit about 20 mins. Many thanks

  23. Mark G (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service. I would recommend the C5 to anyone who needs a camera for their bike

  24. Tony Rothery

    GSX Meets Innovv C5

    Wonderful piece of kit, easy to install, the software is a breeze to understand, video quality by far the best I’ve seen, very very pleased thus far

  25. D Ford (verified owner)

    Not many places to fit a camera on modern bikes so they cannot be seen , but a bit of bracket bending can do wonders once fitted everything is straight forward

  26. Vince

    After looking for a permanent camera for use on track days i decided to go for the innovv c5 and found it to be a brilliant little camera.
    The picture quality is very good and the sound is good at higher revs,(The position i fitted the dvr may be the reason for low revs noise). The wiring was easy to install and instructions easy to follow, the camera is a lot smaller than the likes of a go pro type so is easier to put into small spaces but permanent wire means a little thought has to go into location,but no more batteries or cameras falling off is a price worth paying. Price was very good too compared to other solid state recorders i had been looking at.
    I have only used the camera on one day out in the dry but i would recommend it to anyone.

  27. Bryon baird

    Easy to fit. Excellent picture quality and sound. Doesn’t look unsightly on the bike and doesn’t need to be removed and refitted when Bike is left.
    Questions were dealt with over the phone
    Would recommend

  28. Benny

    I have installed the camera on a stock bolt on the lower triple tree to hide it, and routed the wires along the stock wires,Camera works great!

  29. Eric ECM Motorcycles

    After a minor hiccup with the software, the system is working well. Great support form the Technical team. Recommended

  30. Nigel Gibson

    Nice bit of kit. It’s working well so far. I had it professionally installed which was more expensive than I’d expected, but otherwise working well and located inconspicuously behind my windshield. I might have waited for the front and rear model if I’d known it was imminent. connected without problem via Wi-fi to my phone and downloaded some footage just as a test. Worked fine.

  31. Robert Gundel

    Brilliant picture quality, easy instal and the app works a treat. System locks up occasionally if ignition is turned on and off frequently in a short period of time. No problem with vibration and set up is very quick. Love it.

  32. Bryan Purslow

    Great quility product, visual extremely good, sound picks up every thing, unfortunately sounds that you don’t want.

  33. Christopher Eldred

    Needs some thought about the wiring system, The camera plug needs to be smaller to make fitting the cable more simple. Manual is still a bit “chinese”, app is not that intuative. Video quality seems pretty good.

  34. D Ford

    Easy to fit , good quality film , had a little problem connecting to phone .

  35. Bryan B

    Very Impressed
    Easy to fit. Doesn’t look unsightly, hardly noticeable on the bike. The picture quality is excellent and it doesn’t have to be constantly removed and put back on the bike.
    The questions I did have were dealt with in a very helpful way on the phone.
    Ticks all the boxes for me.

  36. Billy Grace

    Fitted two of these (F & R) to my 2016 BMW R1200GS and am delighted with the results. I secured the camera’s via two rubber mounted pip clips off Ebay. The ones supplied are fine but for my location of camera’s i thought the rubber ones would be better. The quality is brilliant and the fact that they record as soon as I get on the bike and stop when I get off is excellent. Both units fit underneath the seat. Very happy.

  37. Peter Davy

    Very easy to install, really is plug and play. Hardest part was deciding where to put the camera on my 2016 Harley. Wiring was a doddle just earth, live and a switched live. App easy to use and connect. Great video in all lighting conditions and best bit, its always there and I don’t have to remember to switch it on or charge a battery. Small, compact and ruggedly built, great piece of kit.

  38. Nick Addario

    INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera install on my 2016 Indian Chief Dark horse. It was easy.

    I put battery terminals on the red and black wires that crimp for easy install on the battery.

    I attached the yellow wire to a grey/white adapter wire that was not being used.

    Everything is stashed under the seat.

    The camera is on the front fork, I did not use the included bracket, find a stock mount and attached it on the fork, and that is firm.

    Very easy install, and I like the design and the solid built quality.

  39. Alex Lliopoulos

    INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System on my Ducati.

    The installation was fairly simple. more than happy to share how I routed the wires, installed the lens and connected the device under the seat. Very happy with the result!

  40. Ilya Kurbankov

    INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System was installed BMWS1000XR
    April 19, 2018

    It’s very easy to install.

    INNOVV C5 has the features as below:

    1.Whole sets is waterproof.

    2. Improved cable to avoid EMI.

    3. Type C connector and two screws to fix the connection.

    4. WiFi/App, easy to connect camera and mobile phone for setting, video review, and sharing.

  41. University of Bath Mechanical Engineering at Bath Electronic & Electrical Engineering

    The Innovv C5 camera will help the team to capture the thrills of electric racing first hand and then we can share it with all of our followers. The camera is sleek, sturdy, waterproof and records in full HD – it can even live stream direct to smartphones or tablets all by itself! Keep an eye out for the first onboard footage coming soon!

    University of Bath Mechanical Engineering at Bath Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Bath

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