Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Motorcycle helmet cameras are a necessity for many riders, they can be a much-needed investment. Unlike the rest of our range of motorcycle dash cameras, the new INNOVV H5 motorcycle helmet camera is designed and built specifically to fit on your helmet. It is perfect for capturing all the action from the rider’s point of view, enabling you to capture moments and share life!

Innovative Cameras for your Motorcycle Helmet

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common and carry a higher risk of injury, we believe a camera for a motorcycle helmet is a must. Camera evidence is critical if the worst happens and an accident occurs, it can also be used as evidence if an argument or disagreement on fault occurs from the other party. This can be used in an insurance claim providing clear and accurate footage of who was at fault.

Riders also use cameras to review and record routes and share interesting footage that they may have captured via social media and within their biking community.

Our new Motorcycle Helmet Camera

The new INNOVV H5 motorcycle helmet camera comes with a SONY 4K image sensor which is augmented with image stabilization technology, producing a high resolution 4K image. The battery capacity is a full 5 hours at 4K, or you can power by USB for unlimited recording.

The INNOVV H5 motorcycle helmet camera has a built-in tactile vibrator allowing the camera to be easily and safely operated whilst driving. It has an industry-leading external microphone for blogging and an IP65 rating, so it is suitable for any weather conditions. It also has a dedicated Innovv camera Wi-Fi App.

The INNOVV H5 is available to purchase on 1st August 2022, but you can pre order yours with us now for the amazing price of only £214.95 (instead of £229.95).

The full package:

The items included in your package are:
1 x Camera/DVR
1 x Battery
1 x USB Power Supply
1 x DVR Mount
1 x Helmet Mount
1 x USB Cable
1 x Bicycle Mount
1 x User Manual

We also offer great savings on accessories when purchased with this camera.

Yes! A motorcycle helmet camera can be beneficial in capturing your favourite rides, it can be used to improve your skills as a rider and of course it can capture critical evidence should it be needed in an insurance claim.

Motorcycle helmet cameras are legal in the UK providing the camera is fitted correctly using a bracket and has not been secured by drilling holes into the actual helmet.

The best motorcycle helmet cameras should have the following:

  • Be easy to install
  • Good image resolution
  • Clear microphone
  • Image stabilisation
  • Good battery life
  • Weatherproof

The INNOV H5 comes with all these plus much more.

How To Fit and Mount Our Cameras Onto Motorcycle Helmets

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INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera First Trial

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Innovv helmet camera design

Behind the INNOVV H5 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

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