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We were proud to partner and support Blood Bike Wales. The INNOVV K2 system is installed to the entire fleet. They now have full 1080HD video coverage and a GPS record for each of the 3’400 jobs, 250’000+ miles covered each year. Helping to ensure the safety and protection of their riders.

We are Proud to Help Protect the Blood Bike Riders in Wales !!!

Malcolm Platt
West Area Representative
Blood Bikes Wales

Blood Bikes WalesWe had decided to look at ‘permanently fixed’ camera systems following a few ‘near miss’ traffic episodes and after an incident where one of our riders experienced an attempted theft of his helmet camera whilst on duty.

Having done some research of different types of camera, it was decided a front and rear system where the cameras are mounted inconspicuously would be best. We looked at the Innov system and were very impressed with construction of the cameras and the way there is GPS tracking built into the system so that exact locations accompany recordings created. We contacted Innovv UK who recommended their K2 system as being the best fit for our requirements. We found Innovv UK very helpful to deal and good communication.

Having trialled our first system, we now have K2’s for all the bikes in our fleet. We believe that having these fitted will be a great help in ensuring the safety and protection of our riders going into the future.


About Blood Bikes Wales

We are an enthusiastic group of people keen to make a difference. Most of us are riders and we aim to use our skills, time and enthusiasm to help the Health Service in Wales.

The NHS uses its own transportation system to move blood supplies, plasma, documents and other items between hospitals during the day on Mondays to Fridays. Between 7pm and 7am on weekdays, on weekends and on bank holidays, the regular system used to stop and the NHS used the police, the ambulance service, taxis and couriers to carry the vital supplies.

You can imagine what this costs the NHS. This is where Blood Bikes Wales comes in, our volunteers provide the NHS with out-of-hours transport saving substantial sums which can be used for frontline patient care. We also provide an interim service in some area’s with a week night services in three areas. We estimate that for each pound we receive in donations, the NHS will save at least five pounds.

The Group also transport life saving frozen donated breast milk, for when the mother can’t produce. This is a full 24 hour 5 day a week service and helps saves babies lives !! 

Please Help Support
Blood Bikes Wales

Blood Bikes Wales is a Volunteer based service and relies on public donations to help support its work. Please visit their Donations page and pledge your support for the exemplory service they provide. To keep the bikes in tip top condition, servicing and tyres etc costs around £1’000+ per bike every 6 weeks. Every donation helps !!!

Blood Bikes Wales in Partnership with Innovv UK
Blood Bikes Wales in Partnership with Innovv UK