Motorcycle Live 2023 Highlights by Innovv Motorcycle Cameras


Motorcycle Live at NEC Birmingham is an annual celebration of motorcycle culture, drawing enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. As a leading name in motorcycle cameras, Innovv shares an exclusive look at the event’s most thrilling moments and standout exhibits.


BMW Stand and the M1000 XR

One of the show’s major draws was the BMW stand, where the 2024 M1000 XR was unveiled. This bike is a game-changer in the crossover segment, boasting the title of the lightest and most powerful production model. With an impressive 201 hp engine and a top speed of over 275 km/h, the M1000 XR exemplifies performance and luxury. Bike World TV’s Chris Northover added to the excitement of the BMW stand with engaging demonstrations, drawing crowds eager for a second viewing.

BMW M1000 XR at Motorcycle Live 2023



YART R1 at Motorcycle Accident Claims Stand

Another head-turner was the YART R1, a limited-edition Yamaha Austria Racing Team replica, featured on the Motorcycle Accident Claims Stand. This stunning bike, priced at £49,995, is a collector’s dream with its high-end components and MotoGP-inspired design. Innovv had the honor of unveiling this masterpiece each day, highlighting its unique features and the legendary signature it bears (clue – number 46).

YART R1 Showcase


JD Stunts on the Black Horse Stage

The Black Horse Stage was graced by UK stunt champion Jonny Davies, known as JD Stunts. His world record-holding skills and insightful talks drew larger crowds than some BSB stars, a testament to his popularity and talent. Jonny’s demonstration and advice were a hit with fans of all ages, making his segment a highlight of the show.

JD Stunts



Motorcycle Live 2023 was one of the best showcases of motorcycling passion in this decade, showing that the event is returning to its former glory. The sprinkles of innovation across the show, from Racetorx thumb brakes, to VMoto Soco electric bikes, and paint jobs that were our of this universe from Herald Motor Co. So many highlights that almost made groundbreaking bike launches and captivating performances second place! The event offered something for every enthusiast. Highlights were intended to offer something different than what you see in other places. One thing is for sure, no amount of words could reflect the vibrancy and excitement of the biking world at the NEC this year.

Motorcycle Live 2023 Review


Missed it this year? Go next year! The dates are already set – November 16th to 24th 2024. Book your tickets for Motorcycle Live 2024 and experience the excitement first-hand. Visit the Motorcycle Live website for more details.