Innovv K5 in Action

We know our cameras catch all sort of wild and unsafe things – it’s what they’re designed for after all. A dodgy merge on a dual carriage way, or a risky drive on the motorway can often happen before you realise and sometimes leave you with no time or space to react.

When this happens, it can sometimes result in a hazard to you and your vehicle. One of Innovv K5 cameras recently caught a near miss of a van merging without caution. You can find the video, here.


The motorcyclist was driving down the M20 in the centre lane, keeping the left lane free for merging traffic. Unfortunately, one of the other road users, a white van, merged into the middle lane and didn’t think to check his mirrors before merging.

Luckily the K5 driver was able to avoid a collision and continue their journey. Footage like this really goes to show how many careless drivers there are on the road. For road users such as motorcyclists, the roads can be unsafe at the best of times.

When you’re travelling in a smaller vehicle, you’re more exposed, and therefore more vulnerable to road incidents. You’re also run the risk of being less visible to other road users, which is why having evidence to back your claim is so important. Motorbike cameras come in handy at times like this, as the video shows.

While dashcams can capture big accidents, it’s small, lazy mistakes such as these caught on our K5 that highlight the lack of safety and caution on the roads. Small things like this can have a huge effect on the other road users around you and often are not even caught on camera.

If the incident had been worse, the driver filming would have been in some trouble, but luckily, had all the evidence readily available on their K5, 4k motorcycle dash cam.

Innovv k5 1


K5 amazing footage

On the more positive side of things, having a motorcycle dash cam fitted can also record some great highlights of your journeys.

Another one of our K5 users recently sent in a video of a pack ride through a beautifully lit tunnel. The team of riders blaze through the tunnel with some excellent footage captured using their dual motorcycle camera, the K5. The video can be seen below here.



Coming up to the 2-minute mark, we see the riders enter the awesome purple tunnel and we see some truly great footage captured on the K5.

While our motorbike helmet cameras are designed to catch the unsafe road users and help protect you in the event of a claim or insurance issue, they do also capture some of the best parts of your journeys.

Having a helmet camera fitted while riding can capture some of the unique and most memorable parts of your journey, especially if you’re on a long road trip. Looking back at the footage and remembering the first time you drove through certain locations or saw certain things is a great memento to have, and to share with friends and family, or even your YouTube channel.

motorcyclists with helmet cameras

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, there are loads of brilliant benefits to having a dash camera or helmet camera fitted to your vehicle. Aside from the obvious added safety, security and evidence for insurance claims, they can also capture some amazing memories you would otherwise have forgotten.

With a dashcam or helmet camera, you can re-live your best (and worst) moments on the road.

If you’re suddenly feeling a little too exposed or unsafe while riding your motorbike on the road, you can check out our range of motorcycle dashcams here. At Innovv, we want to make the roads safer for everyone.