How a Dashcam can save money on insurance

Motorcyclists constantly face an array of prejudices and dangers while out riding on the roads. Often perceived as reckless drivers, motorbike owners are anything but, and are in fact categorised as vulnerable road users. Riders must ensure that they’re constantly alert of their surroundings, in particular cars, to reduce the risk of an incident.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen but it’s important to be on the right side of the law to make sure that any insurance claims are not from any fault of yours, or you could be looking at a hefty insurance rate increase.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your insurance, a motorbike dashcam could be the answer. Motorbike riders are especially vulnerable on the roads, and a camera mounted on your bike can help protect you in the event of an accident.

At Innovv, we believe in safety: protecting you and protecting your motorbike. We offer safety cameras of the highest quality at a great value to help provide crucial evidence when you need it most as well as having an array of other benefits that will enhance your riding experience.

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How a dashcam works

A dashcam is a small, lightweight camera that can be mounted on your motorbike. The camera records video and audio footage of your journey, which can be useful in the event of an accident. The footage is then stored on a memory card, which you can insert into your computer to view the footage.

At Innovv, our dashcams come equipped with a loop recording feature, which means that the camera will overwrite the oldest footage when the memory card is full. This ensures that you always have the most recent footage available.

Like the industry-leading K5 Motorbike Camera, our motorbike dashcams also come with a range of other features, such as a waterproof casing, recording in Ultra HD, and is equipped with improved GPS tracking.

GPS tracking is an excellent feature for a safety camera for your bike as it can help to plan and review routes while also providing evidence of where an accident happened.

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What are the benefits of dashcams?

There are several benefits to a dashcam, especially for motorcycle riders:

  • A dashcam can provide evidence in the event of an accident, which can be useful in insurance claims
  • Can help to track and plan your journey if you’re going on a long trip
  • Provide extra security as you ride
  • It can reduce the amount you have to pay if you’re involved in an incident.
  • A dashcam can be used to monitor your speed (as well as those around you) in compliance with traffic laws
  • Can save money on your insurance

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable on the roads, and a dashcam mounted on your motorbike can help protect you in the event of an accident as well as save you money in the long run.

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How a motorbike dashcam can save you money

As stated, a motorbike camera can lower insurance, as it can provide evidence in the event of an accident.

Some insurers may offer discounts for riders who have a dashcam installed on their motorbike, as they are seen as more cautious and responsible riders. A dashcam can also provide vital evidence, which can be useful in insurance claims and help reduce the amount you have to pay if you’re found to be at fault.

Certain insurance providers can offer a variable discount depending on:

  • What kind of dashcam you have
  • Whether it’s permanently fitted
  • Whether the safety camera mounted to the motorbike can automatically save footage in the event of a crash?

It will also ultimately depend on the specific insurance company and the exact details of your policy, therefore it’s important to always read the small print of your policy to make sure you are fully aware of any restrictions or exclusions.

In general, having a dashcam installed on your motorbike could lead to lower premiums, as it can act as evidence in the event of a collision or hit and run.

So, if you’re looking to save money on your motorbike insurance, installing a dashcam may be the way to go.


Motorbike dashcams at Innovv

Providing dashcam footage to your insurance company can not only save you money on your premiums but may even also expedite any claims you have by providing concrete evidence of who’s at fault.

At Innovv, we offer an array of high-quality safety cameras, aimed specifically at motorbike owners. Our cameras are designed for a bike and to benefit the rider. With unique features and models that include dual cameras, our motorbike dashcams can provide safety and security at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality motorbike cameras available on the market as well as the best customer support.

If you’re looking for advice on which dashcam to purchase, you can browse our range of products, or alternatively, contact us today.