Great Video! Nice Music! Black Betty Offroad Racing 2021 Don River Dash | INNOVV K5 Dashcam

*This great video is from Black Betty Off Road Racing #23. Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel.

Black Betty # 23 Pat McDonnell Earthmoving Don River Dash 2021 Highlights

What a great event, thank you to everyone involved at the Burdekin Offroaders INC.

CafeDirt did an awesome job capturing this event- thank you to INNOVV for the incredible inboard action camera set up we didn’t miss a second of this event!

This video showcases all the action of the Don River Dash event- fast sandy straights, crazy high whoop sections and jumps.

Some awesome footage of Billy Geddes Geddit Racing in his Hellboy trophy truck and Talbot Cox passing Betty through the sandy straights, not to mention the incar footage of Black Betty #23 rolling through the finish.

Thank you to the team at Mickey Thompson Tires Australia for keeping Betty on the track, it’s amazing to watch the abuse these tyres go through on an event such as this, and they never missed a beat!

Congratulations to Talbot Cox for the outright win, followed by the Team at Patriot Games TV . Betty came through in an outright third position and second in class. Way above any of our expectations!

Unfortunately the race ended with Betty’s accelerator cable jamming open through the finishing jumps, making Betty buck and kick out after the first landing and rolling off the side of the second jump. Fortunately nobody was injured- thanks to the awesome safety equipment. Betty has suffered damage to the front end, along with some damaged panels and leaking shocks. She is currently in the Doctor’s surgery in preparation for Landcruiser Mountain Park event in a few weeks time.

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