California Superbike School Level 2 – INNOVV K5 Footage Cadwell Park

*This great video is from TeapotOne. Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel.

I recently completed California Superbike School Level 2 at Cadwell Park, aboard the mighty BMW R1250GS and had the INNOVV K5 dash cam fitted to give you some cracking onboards and audio too.

INNOVV K5 dash cam system is an industrial-leading camera system, compacked with 5Hz GPS module, dual-band Wi-Fi, 4K resolution and other multiple key features.

The California Superbike School is based on the Keith Code Twist of the Wrist fundamentals, breaking the principles of riding a motorbike down into 4 successive levels, each concentrating on core fundamentals which are based upon progression onto the next level and so on.

California Superbike School UK are based at a variety of circuits around the UK, with full details available on their website at

A Massive thank you to Jane and the team at California Superbike School, Bemoto and INNOVV UK for inviting me along for the day and looking after me.

The tyres used here are the Dunlop Mutant tyres. ▬ Timestamps ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – intro 0:15 – What is California Superbike School

2:20 – Session 1 Reference Points

5:33 – Session 2 The Three Step

8:49 – Session 3 Wide View

13:25 – Session 4 Wide View Transitions

16:43 – Session 5 Brake Release