INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera on 2015 Ducati Monster
Tested the Innovv unit, converter and cameras using a spare battery to ensure working as it should before installing
Removed instrument cover and loosely positioned front camera
With tank removed, routed front cable along RHS of trellis frame, past vertical cylinder to underside of seat Fitted rear camera to LHS passenger grab rail rear mounting bolt and routed cable to underside of seat
Wired a SAE adaptor plug to the Innovv converter and connected this to the bikes DDA plug via a standard Ducati DDA/SAE charger lead for continuous power supply
Fitted the converter into the subframe in front of the toolkit recess and wired the converter switched power lead to a spare switched plug behind the brake light (ie which I removed for easier access)
Fabricated a simple folded bracket to slide above the Blackbox unit, and attached the Innovv DVR unit Slipped the Innovv GPS unit into the toolkit recess and secured with the toolkit rubber strap
Tidied up the excess wiring
Refitted instrument cover over front camera bracket, tested camera alignments, tightened up all mountings, and
Took it all for a nice test ride…works flawlessly!