Freewheelers EVS have K2 cameras fitted to their entire motorcycle fleet..

We all know what a great job Blood Bikers/Freewheelers do..Please show your support. Donations can be left on link below

Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service is a registered charity that provides a free out-of-hours motorcycle courier service to hospitals in the South West of England

Freewheelers EVS – Innovv K2 Cameras Installed to Bike Fleet

Riding For Life We are a registered charity (no. 1001067) founded in 1990, that delivers a service to the NHS and the wider community within a coverage area comprising Somerset, Bristol, Bath, West Wiltshire, and South Gloucestershire. Freewheelers is one of a number of groups that cover almost the entire country.

Freewheelers EVS – Innovv K2 Cameras Installed to Bike Fleet

Lifesaving Service Our service to the NHS is provided free of charge and is funded entirely by public donation and sponsorship. We transport blood, pathology & microbiology specimens, patient notes, X-rays, breast milk, and other medical supplies. In 2014, we made 3,648 deliveries, riding more than 120,000 miles.Freewheelers EVS operate a fleet of  motorcycles each equipped with high-visibility markings, blue lights and sirens for emergency use.  If our service did not exist hospitals would be forced to use taxis or commercial couriers.Freewheelers EVS is run entirely by volunteers. All our riders hold an advanced motorcycling qualification, such as the advanced riding test by RoSPA, or IAM. We also have a team of fund raisers and telephone co-ordinators.

Queens Award for Voluntary Service Freewheelers’ volunteers were awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2008. This is recognised as the MBE for Volunteers.

Freewheelers EVS – Innovv K2 Cameras Installed to Bike Fleet

Its all about the volunteers. Did you know Freewheelers is totally run by volunteers.When the hospital makes that call, it is a volunteer that answers the phone.  The rider that is out at any hour in the night is a volunteer.The people that make sure that our bikes are taken for servicing and tyres, the people that stand outside the Supermarket supervising the climbing frame that we like to call a motorbike – yes are all volunteers too.Not one person that gives their time to Freewheelers is paid.  We are all volunteers.So, if you see us out and about, give us a wave, come over and say hello.  We will let you sit on the bike too.