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Best Motorcycle Dashcam

So what is a motorcycle dashcam?

A dashcam or dashboard camera is a hardwired motorcycle camera that is designed to fit and forget. With auto/on off and continuously loop records. They are your silent witness and provide video evidence in the event of any incident or accident as well as capturing a riding experience.

Must Have’s
There are a number of must-haves and features very important for a motorcycle dashcam system. Designing a fitted camera for a bike is much more challenging than a dashcam for a car. It needs to be a lot more durable and able to deal with a tough environment and of course deal with any weather and under extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold.

Your main reason for a dashcam is to give you an invaluable advantage in case you ever need to prove your case in court after a collision, accident or a hit and run. Below are some must-have features that we believe are key.

Video Quality. Full 1080HD resolution, means good video quality and the best chance of capturing the number plate.

Steady Power Supply. A dashcam system is different to an action camera which is powered up by an internal battery. The dashcam connects to a switched power source from your motorcycle. A professional hardwire kit protects the camera and also manages the power supply so you can fit and forget. It’s always recording !!

Auto Start/Stop. By connecting to a switched power source from your motorcycle. Once the ignition key is on/off, the dashcam will start or stop recording. No need to think about anything.

Loop Recording. A must-have feature for you. You don’t have to worry about the SD card getting full. No limit on how many hours/days/ riding, you are always covered can find the last recordings. Flexible loop record sections that you can set i.e 1 min, 3 min, 5 min or 10 minute chunks. For safety, most riders select the 3 minute option

Date and Time Stamp. It is really important for any insurance claim that the date and time is embedded within the video. This ensures an accurate record of the event. Being able to also embed your registration on to the video is also key.

G Sensor Monitor. Ensures that any video of an incident, accident or hard break is locked down and not overwritten by the camera.

GPS. Combines video evidence along with a mapping record of your journey using Google Maps.

Safe Parking Mode. Protect your bike when parked up. The DVR along with the smart supply will allow the G Sensor to identify if your bike is knocked or moved.. It will record for 10 seconds hopefully giving you some evidence of the incident.

Special features that any motorcycle dashcam system should include.
Requirements for a bike are different to a car. Car dashcams are located inside the car without much worry about it being easily stolen. For a motorcycle, the system needs to be very small and discreet so not draw attention to it. Portable action style cameras left on a bike could easily be subject to theft.

Solid and reliable build. Riding a motorcycle involves many different challenges, types of roads and exposed to varying weather conditions.

The Innovv Solutions

The INNOVV motorcycle cameras use a solid aluminium housing that will outlast any plastic designs. It is built to last:

Weather proof: It goes without saying that every part of the system needs to be weather proof.

Easy and clear operating controls: Because the system is hidden wifi control is important for ease of use. You really don’t need to be digging the sd card out every time you want to review your footage… Well, you don’t need to because you can review all video and change any setting via the dedicated INNOVV wifi App.